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New Video and pre-alpha
23 dicembre 2012 - rozgo

Checkout our latest video and if you feel adventurous try out our early build where you can start creating your own bots.

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whitepinkbun 5 gen 2014, ore 21:08 
It looks great but theyve been green light for ages had a alpha version out for almost a year and now we havnt heard jack from them...
BlackAugust 2 ago 2013, ore 6:56 
Drunken Ferret[Sniper/Demo] 12 giu 2013, ore 13:56 
It looks cool but is it gonna be free?
MootDaNoob 18 apr 2013, ore 10:13 
it looks like gear up but way better
luff-MEISTER 4 apr 2013, ore 4:32 
looks awesome! love making your own bots from scratch
rozgo 3 apr 2013, ore 20:04 
Steam is now allowing alpha builds. If we get greenlit, we will put it up.
Geneosis 28 mar 2013, ore 19:15 
Will the pre-alpha be available on steam?
=UnitZ= Akaitashi 20 mar 2013, ore 1:22 
Yea, finally something interested!
EddieB 24 dic 2012, ore 10:21 
Awesome, awesome. It looked really cool and shows how much variety we can have with the different parts. Very nice video.

Now I should get back to programming my bots. :P
Beginner 23 dic 2012, ore 23:44