Ta gra została wybrana do dystrybucji dzięki Greenlight!

Społeczność wyraziła swoje zainteresowanie tą grą. Valve skontaktowało się z jej twórcami, aby sprawdzić możliwości publikacji ich dzieła na platformie Steam.

17 grudnia, 2015 - Aaron Foster

The holidays are just around the corner, and while we can't quite give you the game yet (sorry) we would love to give you an update on what's been going on.

A few months ago we talked about going through the game replacing all of the placeholder art, were happy to say that now we are doing the big second pass on all environments and core gameplay features. While the first pass put in a huge chunk of the game and removed all placeholder work, the second pass has been all about adding the small little details that really make the game feel complete. It has been a very slow process for us but we are working as much as we can to get Routine to a polished state that we are all happy with.

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We really enjoy and appreciate all of the comments you guys send us and were really sorry that we can't always reply to them or give you more meaningful updates. We are currently putting 100% of our time into development and it does sometimes mean that we don't get to talk to you guys as much as we would want to. We promise that once we get closer to release we will be a bigger presence on Steam and Facebook.

However we are a lot more active on our twitter accounts and while it may not always be Routine related it's a handy way to just check our pulse.


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• So why is the game taking so long to finish?
Routine is our first project as a team and while we do have some previous experience individually this has been a huge undertaking where we have clearly underestimated a lot of the workload. We are happy with everything we have learnt and we are still completely committed to releasing something that we are all proud of and hopefully something that you will all enjoy.

• I don't like some of those effects you are using, can I remove them?
YES! A lot of our effects such as Chromatic Aberration, DOF, Film Grain and Bloom are all settings that you can change or completely disable.

• Are you guys still looking into adding an FOV slider?
This is a pretty frequent request and we are happy to say that you're now able to adjust the FOV from 70 to 110.

• Is there any chance I can playtest the game?
At the moment we are keeping all of our testing local, we doubt this will ever change but we will be sure to let everyone know if it does.

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Over the past few months there have been a few awesome articles and interviews about Routine and we would love to share a few with you.

• GameInformer - Can't Look Away: The Evolution Of Modern First-Person Horror[www.gameinformer.com]

• The Collective Podcast - Interview with Aaron Foster[www.thecollectivepodcast.com]

• GameSpot - Top 7 Horror Games Coming in 2016[www.gamespot.com]

We do also want to say that we are extremely thankful for all of the emails and messages that we get, we do read them all but often find it very hard to respond during our seemingly indefinite crunch! :D

Thanks again for all of the support and patience, everyone here at Lunar Software wishes you all a lovely holiday and a happy new year!

-Lunar Software

10 marca, 2015 - Aaron Foster

With GDC just over and a lots of awesome Gaming news about, we thought it would be a fitting time to make a small update on how Routine is doing.

In our last August Update, we talked about how we were slowly going through the game and replacing all placeholder work. Since then, we’ve managed to get through 5 sectors of the Game, adding Gameplay, Art and essential Story Elements. We may need to revisit certain bits and bobs as we get specific playtest information back, but for now its a great feeling seeing more and more of Routine being Completed!

With less and less testing/prototyping needed for this stage in Development, we’ve really managed to speed up our Workflow and it feels like Progress is going better than ever.

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As with the last update here are a few common questions from the public:

• Unreal Engine 4 is FREE! will you guys be switching to it?

Routine is far too deep into development for us to switch engines but we can’t bloody wait to get our hands on it for future projects!

• Are you guys dead?

Unsurprisingly we get this question a lot, we don’t blame anyone for thinking this as we are very quiet when it comes to putting out Routine related news. We are doing fine though and Routine’s progress is going great.

• Will you guys be putting out a new video at some point?

We will absolutely do a new video or two closer to release.

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Thanks again for the INSANE amount of patience you guys are exercising, we are honestly trying our best to get the game finished as soon as possible!

-Lunar Software

31 października, 2014 - Aaron Foster

We hope everyone is having a great day and have something spooky planned for tonight! ]:)

While we continue with development, we thought it would be nice to give a new desktop image and what better time than Halloween!

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As usual, we want to thank you guys for the continual support. We really appreciate it and hopefully one day we can return all that amazing love you have given us!

-Lunar Software

14 sierpnia, 2014 - Aaron Foster

Hey everyone!

I know we are always very quiet on the news front but a lot has been happening over the past few months with development that we are super happy about. We just wanted to let you know we’re still alive and kicking!

Routine has been advancing very well lately, as we’ve been making a lot of progress in all areas of Development. Some of the Sound work we have been doing has been super exciting, especially as we have been working on implementing some cool functionality with Physics Objects!

We’ve also begun to Polish and Finalize a few small areas in Routine, which has been thrilling as were seeing less and less placeholder work in the game.

Our weekly play tests are definitely feeling a lot less *Playtesty*, and we honestly couldn’t be happier about that!

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As with the last update here are a few common questions from the public:

• Are you guys still supporting the Oculus Rift?

We are all extremely excited about VR because we believe it brings unparalleled immersion and that is something we would love to be a part of. However at the moment we have had to slow down our VR integration as we all get extremely motion sick with the current kits. We will take another look at implementing VR closer to release but for now we can’t fully commit to a VR version of Routine.

• The Routine website is down, are you guys dead?

Fear not! we are just switching hosting services as our current one was just too expensive. The website will be back up and running soon.

• Will you be doing Early Access for Routine?

We only want to release a fully finished game as we believe it’s the best way to play Routine.

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Thank you all for the patience and constant support, we don’t always get a chance to respond to everyone’s messages but we do read and take in all the feedback you guys have, thank you.

-Lunar Software

19 lutego, 2014 - Aaron Foster

It’s been a while since our last update and we just want to say that we are sorry for radio silence.

We get an overwhelming amount of questions and emails per day and it would be extremely hard for us to answer all of those and then get any serious amount of work done on Routine. So we are just keeping our heads down and working as fast as we can to get Routine into your hands as soon as possible.

Routine Is coming along very well, we have made huge progress in almost all areas but there is still a good amount of work that needs to be done and until we are 100% clear on a release window we cannot give anyone an accurate date, sorry but we just don’t want to disappoint anyone by failing to meet a deadline or compromising on the quality to meet it, neither of those options are good.

(Click to enlarge!)


And to answer a few questions that are still commonly asked:

• PS4/XBONE release of Routine?
A PS4 release is a small possibility after we release the PC version.

• Will there be controller support?
We are still working on controller support and will give you an update when we have made a decision on this.

• Make sure you have an FOV slider or your game is DOOMED!
FOV in a game like Routine is a bit more awkward as we have Full Body Awareness, for example if you turn up your FOV a bit too much you will actually see into your neck and out your arse. We need to be careful on what settings we allow so that we can avoid issues like that but yes we would like to have an FOV slider :)

(Our current FOV is roughly 97)

Thanks again for the overwhelming support and we are very sorry for how quiet we may get, but don’t worry, development is going great!

-Lunar Software

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