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QnA video 01
17 dicembre 2012 - Aaron Foster

Here is our first QnA video! there should be another 3 of these coming soon, I am really sorry about the Audio/Video quality and after this batch of videos we will try and figure out a better solution the next time we record anything.

• QnA - 01

Thanks again for all of the awesome questions! there are a few we didn’t get a chance to reply to as they were asked after we did the video, but the next time we record a video I will make sure we answer those first!


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36 commenti
Megazed101 9 mar 2013, ore 6:16 
PS thank for being able to get on mac
Megazed101 9 mar 2013, ore 6:16 
nomansland1 24 feb 2013, ore 8:19 
looking foward to this game
End3r 4 gen 2013, ore 13:33 
║★║CAPTAINK0RK║★║ 4 gen 2013, ore 11:33 
lolomat 2000!
Maxynoobtube 21 dic 2012, ore 21:24 
Shplay 21 dic 2012, ore 7:41 
Thanks for Mac support.
Chill Pill 19 dic 2012, ore 1:51 
"How much alcohol..." haha. Thanks for taking time to answer some questions and keep up the excellent work. Can't wait to buy it. xD
Mogwai 18 dic 2012, ore 23:54 
Looks awesome. Day 1 buy.
DarkVolter 18 dic 2012, ore 20:41 
Good and more Good.