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Wishful Lie (Forget Me Not Annie)
Full Development
7 listopada 2012 - Player1Games

Hey folks! How are you all doing?

Really exciting news for you all, we have officially started the pre-production stage for developing the full feature length version of Forget Me Not Annie, titled Wishful Lie.

Unlike the demo version you can download for free at the links in the description. The full game we intend to create, and hopefully released by summer next year will 20+ hours long with the entire plot and game mechanics we originally intended. What you've experienced in the demo was but a fraction of our design, it was simply something we used to show to investors to build their interest so that we can create the full game.

Please, visit our Facebook page facebook.com/wishful.lie, hit those like buttons and keep an eye out on updates!

- Cheers

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Komentarzy: 4
Fox McCloud 6 lutego 2014 o 0:09 
This looks really cool!
ForbiddenLuck 2 października 2013 o 15:46 
I can't wait!!!!!
Pantastic PANda 22 lipca 2013 o 11:45 
Yay!! :3
ambermslea 6 marca 2013 o 16:29 
come on summer!