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August 20, 2013 - cuddigan

I entered the 7 day fps ( event this year and used the Delver engine to make a super fast paced Doom-style game, with the Delver procedural level generation added into it. It's pretty simple at the moment, but it does showcase how easy it is to mod the Delver engine to do things beyond the classic roguelike that is the vanilla game.

It's actually a decent base for it's own game, but I'll probably wait to release any more changes for it until Delver makes it onto Steam. Maybe when Delver gets Greenlit I'll release a special build with more enemies and weapons because it's still missing a shotgun, and that's a damn shame.

More info and download[]

November 12, 2012 - cuddigan

Lately I've been working on some additions to the Delver engine, the biggest being support for procedurally generated terrain for use in overworld levels.

Screenshots: Small town[], Rolling hills[], Zombie theme mockup[]

These are regenerated on the fly when needed and no information is being saved except for moving objects, so the save files for a world should stay quite small.

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