This game is now available on Steam!

Thanks for your help in getting this game selected for distribution via Steam. More information including a link to the Steam store page can be found below.

Greenlight is being retired. For more information on how to submit games to steam, refer to this blog post.
June 25, 2014 - sampedestal

Wow! That took so long, I honestly didn't think it was going to ever happen!

Thanks for everyone's encouraging words and feedback (and entertaining adversarial nitpicking too) over the past two years!

Did you know that Subaltern Games is working on a new project? Check out No Pineapple Left Behind here.[]

December 16, 2013 - sampedestal

I’ve received a lot of emails complaining that the Neocolonialism server is rather empty. In response, I’m now offering a four-player discounted pack of Neocolonialism.[] For $30, you can get your friends together and turn them into enemies.

December 11, 2013 - sampedestal

There was a really weird problem that resulted in the .zip file being compressed. Your guess is good as mine--I'm thinking sand worms did it.

It will take a few days for the various stores to get the corrected build all set up, but if you've purchased the game, you can download it right now from my website[].

November 29, 2013 - sampedestal

It's over here![]
Note that this isn't one of their "daily deals" (although I want to do that as well): this will be on their new storefront for all of eternity.

November 25, 2013 - sampedestal

Read the full review here[].

It's a decidely mixed review--the writer, Teddy Papes, praises the mechanics of the game but also is skeptical of the politics, saying:
"Sure, the players have all skipped town with a nice payout, but the world is a far more developed place. Alter doesn't highlight any of these aspects, but he can't hide them either. There is a positive side to capitalism that is revealed by the map."

I, of course, totally disagree, but I like contrary opinions and subsequently encourage you to have a look.

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