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Greenlit on Jan 15th?
13 Ocak 2013 - Eb42

I wanted to take a moment to once again thank all of you for continuing support and up voting us!

Inquisitor is currently sitting at the # 19 spot on Greenlight. Steam announcing the next round on January 15th. So If you would like for Inquisitor to be available on Steam, you can help us with this effort by voting for the game on Steam Greenlight rigth now.

Unlike nearly 30 other Greenlit games, Inquisitor is finished - and we hope to release it on Steam as soon as getting Greenlit.

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18 Yorum
An Unprecedented Amount of Cum 31 Oca 2013 @ 18:17 
This game looks awesome! id honestly rather play this than any newer games with this style of gameplay
Eb42 27 Oca 2013 @ 22:15 
Thank you, we not give up!
Majamazzi 26 Oca 2013 @ 3:03 
Lukas dík;-)
Majamazzi 26 Oca 2013 @ 3:03 
It´s really great. Full of inovations and unordinary things. Forget awesome graphic. Everything is about story an atmosphere in games at the end, isn ´t it? RPG rules! :-))
Motoki 21 Oca 2013 @ 22:23 
I grabbed this on Desura when it was on sale recently. Really enjoying it. It might not be the most up to date on visual but it's got a lot more depth than most modern games. Reminds me of older RPGs in a good way.
Serret 16 Oca 2013 @ 14:03 
i don't understand, this game is getting so much support.. how can it not be greenlit yet??
don't give up!!!
Maghnus 16 Oca 2013 @ 13:47 
A pity you were not picked.
Ingenieur18 16 Oca 2013 @ 10:24 
Cmon guys! I wait release on Steam!
Eb42 15 Oca 2013 @ 23:02 
Still redlight...
Autismus Maximus 14 Oca 2013 @ 18:19 
Really pulling for you guys. Looks like an awesome game and it would be a shame to see this overlooked another time!