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Salvation Prophecy: A Military Space Epic
October 7, 2013 - JabberwockyX

Hello greenlighters ---
Today Salvation Prophecy launched on Steam.

I just wanted to thank everyone (all 42,000+ of you!) who voted for the game and gave it the thumbs up. It was really amazing to see all the community support and excitement over the game. You guys rock!

There's a new steam release video trailer for the game you can see on the Steam store page, linked above. I figured I should dress up the game a bit for the big day. ;)

-Sean / "Jabberwocky"

June 11, 2013 - JabberwockyX

Hi Greenlighters!

I put together some Salvation Prophecy artwork which makes for a nice desktop image. I thought I'd share it with you here, in case you want to sci-fi up your computer. Enjoy!

Here's a link[] to the full size image. Just right-click the image and hit "save as..." from your web browser.

May 9, 2013 - JabberwockyX

Universal Gaming Reviews[] took a look at Salvation Prophecy. It's a well-balanced and thorough review I thought I'd like to share with Steam Greenlighters!

The review sums things up as follows:

Overall, Salvation Prophecy is great fun and an addicting experience, it’s one of those games that you may not have ever heard of but is one that should definitely be in your playlist.

The Verdict: 8 Great

The Good:

  • Excellent combination of Space and Land Battles
  • Very addicting gameplay that will have you playing for hours.
  • 4 Unique races to play as.
  • Lots to unlock and discover
  • Variety of weapon upgrades
  • 3 types of main weapons, melee, long range and destruction.
  • Unique worlds to explore and do battle on.
  • Easy to learn how to play and get into.
  • Battles are quick and fun making it a great jump in, jump out game to take a break in.
  • Was created with only one full time developer on a limited budged, which is quite impressive.

The Bad:
  • The textures aren’t the best looking (This doesn’t make the game any less addicting however)
  • Space battles can be a bit tedius after a while with it’s requirement to fly there and back.

Thanks to Shaun Meyers at Universal Gaming Reviews for writing this up!

May 6, 2013 - JabberwockyX

The long awaited - at least to me :) - linux port is live! I want to thank all the kind linux users who helped test the game. You guys are awesome.

Linux comes in a lot of flavors - different distros, 32-bit vs. 64-bit, NVidia drivers, AMD drivers, single- vs. multi-monitors. I've done my best to test in a wide variety of combinations. I bought new video cards, a new monitor, and installed a bunch of different distros to test many different combinations.

Right now, I'm only officially supporting NVidia and AMD cards with proprietary drivers. Although one user did have some luck with an integrated video card. I might be able to get the open source drivers working too, but so far there's still some issues there to work through.

Salvation Prophecy was built using a lot of open source software (Ogre3D, CEGUI, OIS). Here's my small effort at contributing back to gaming on the best open source operating system of all time. The first moment I got the game running on linux was one of the most magical moments of making Salvation Prophecy.

The linux version can be bought on Desura[], and hopefully someday Steam.

April 16, 2013 - JabberwockyX

KrazyKain from Underdog Reviews takes a look at Salvation Prophecy

Probably my favorite quote (regarding the space ship controls):
"It lets you focus on what's important - blowing sh*t up."
Heh. :)

And for those of you with way too much time on your hands, KrazyKain was kind enough to do an interview with me about the game:
Underdog review with ME!

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