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Huntsman:The Orphanage
4 januari 2013 - ShadowShifters

Video review "The Asian Visits the Creepy Orphanage" by aspiring game journalist Laura (xAsianhotty) looks deeper at the thinking behind Huntsman: The Orphanage as she explains why she feels this game is a gamechanger for the horror genre... thumbs up, Laura! Watch it here: http://youtu.be/DGH4vK4K1c8

3 januari 2013 - ShadowShifters

Indie Game Magazine previews Huntsman:
"...a whole new take on the horror genre. In an attempt to move the gameplay away from the long standing tradition of being violent and full of gore, into something altogether different and even more creepy...."

Read all about it here:

1 januari 2013 - ShadowShifters

Zed Games says something about "Huntsman: The Orphanage" 6PM-7PM tonight Brisbane time (UTC/GMT+10 hrs). Could be good. Could be bad. Could be ugly. Only one way to find out, so listen up.:

30 december 2012 - ShadowShifters

Huntsman: The Orphanage is starting 2013 with a bang on Steam's Greenlight with over 160,000 unique visitors and 1,750 comments, plus a Top Ten ranking! Everyone involved in this project extends their gratitude to you all for your interest and support from Greenlight's launch day right through to today, the last day of 2012.

If you want to see this game on Steam, please do continue to support the project by spreading the word to your friends and the online world at large in your own way, and thank you for everything you've done so far to help this no-blood, no-weapons, no-violence horror game succeed!

Happy New Year from the Shadowshifters team!

11 december 2012 - ShadowShifters

You Are The Hunted In Huntsman: The Orphanage
"...right now it’s just half past midnight and I’m already giving myself the shivers by watching this trailer... Huntsman has you playing a character who is exploring an orphanage whose spotted history of lost children is revealing itself into a true horror tale."

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