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Huntsman:The Orphanage
6. Februar 2013 - ShadowShifters

Did you know Indiegogo is actually a "pre-order this game" system for Huntsman: The Orphanage? Make a contribution, get a free copy of the game on release! Help make it happen!

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Dal-From-Space© 9. Feb. 2013 um 21:59 Uhr 
Can't wait for your release then, when ever that is... ',:\
ShadowShifters 8. Feb. 2013 um 2:54 Uhr 
@Radical Larry - guitars are great too!
[TOG]theGuardian(SC) 7. Feb. 2013 um 15:04 Uhr 
If only I had some extra money.
Silly guitars n stuff alwas getting in the way :)
ShadowShifters 7. Feb. 2013 um 2:43 Uhr 
We're sitting at #2 on Greenlight, so yes we do expect to be sending out Steam keys! But even if Steam don't invite us, contributors will get a free copy if I have to hand deliver a CD-ROM to their house.
Odra 7. Feb. 2013 um 1:58 Uhr 
"get a free copy of the game on release!" Does this mean a Steam Key?