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Critical Point : Incursion
4 de Fevereiro de 2015 - {dTa}aRny

presents you...

Hey everyone,

Firstly, thanks for reading and showing us your continued patience and engagement over the last months and years. We are driven by the community and your feedback and participation means a lot to us.

We would like to give a very small development update to show what progress has been made over the last weeks, and what we are currently working on.


We are plugging hard away at a variety of code tasks, concentrating on the pure game "playability". We are looking at this as a MVP (minimal viable product), with our focus to release early and frequently - this in layman teams means, a closed beta (internally called "DEMO"). Our goal (can't be guaranteed) is to have this done by June/July.

To ensure we do not get distracted, we have pretty much stopped all other areas of development since July 2014 (level design, art asset creation, weapon/character animation etc..), to prevent additional bugs or issues arising and taking our valuable time away from the core issues.

What does this mean?
For you fans, this means there will not be any shiny media releases with some kick-ass weapons on display. It will also mean, it is difficult to show progress, as a lot of the development being worked on is code based - and not always pure features that we can show off. The majority of what we are working on are critical and game breaking bugs and those minor issues that, despite not game breaking, ruin the user experience of the game and prevent us from releasing the game in its current state.

Development Progress over the last weeks:

  • Due to a flaw in our old buymeu system, TOP-Proto has been working many hours over the last 2 weeks to re-write it. The armour states were not setup to really handle bought, selling, buying, damaged states - this caused an array of issues in the code, when it came to purchasing new armour and re-selling it directly and repairing damaged armour
  • In addition, whilst working on this re-write we found a few undiscovered issues, of incorrectly calculated ammo purchases (player being deducted wrong amounts)
  • Most importantly, we found a big security flaw in the code that would allow a player to sell weapons in a certain way and not need to pay for their weapons - and thus able to go into negative cash amounts
  • We have introduced more failsafe server checks, to validate purchasing to prevent this from happening
  • Rogue fixed up the last critical issues in our "escape objective". The problem was, that escaped players inventory were not being stored/remembered when they re-spawned the following round. The system was re-written to store the pawn (player) and keep the inventory stored in a PRI like way. Whilst doing this, it unraveled an array of other issues, like double round re-sets, overlapping of dead/escaped icons in the scoreboard, players not being hidden when in the escape zone etc.. But this has all been fixed and fully committed!
  • Fixed issue of round not ending correctly in certain states, when playing with BOTS (AI)
  • Spectators now see the "expanding" hit cursor effects, which is displayed when a player hits another enemy (feedback notification of a successful shot)

Next on our list...

  • try to find an engine work around solution to the problem that causes player dynamic shadows to show through certain walls, (means you can see the player through a wall...yes, like a wall hack!). !!This is a UDK engine limitation!! Otherwise we may need to revert back to blob shadows...
  • finish up the Grenade throws not being properly replicated to spectators
  • finish up the spectator view, where the players hands you are watching (in-eyes) hands flicker
  • fix the weapon effects not spawned (shown) correctly out of the gun for Spectator View (wrongly aligned)
  • fix the keybinding menu being 1 row off on sections using a scroll bar. Means you can not alter the function!
  • fix the scroll bar in the settings/game option not moving correctly
  • fix issue of players feet going through the floor when at the bottom of a ladder
  • fix issue of the flashbang effect not being replicated to spectators/dead players viewing the player (in-eyes)
  • plug in score row gradients correctly for dead players (easily see difference between dead and alive players)
  • adjust how weapon fires when holding fire during a reload sequence (and when switching weapon). IT should fire immediately after the action
  • remember a servers game password in the players INI, so they do not need to re-enter it always.
  • implement basic game "end of round" statistics

So that is our exhaustive list and gives you an in-sight of where we are at, and what is left to do!
We will try to update you on the progress of this list as we work towards our "DEMO"!

We are eager to get your mitts on our game and go trigger happy dominating the servers, so keep on waiting - it will be worth it!


All the best
Your Critical Point Team

23 de Fevereiro de 2014 - {dTa}aRny

presents you...

Our beloved fans,

As we continue working on our core gameplay here are a list of features we have since implemented in-game:


  • implemented impact sounds for different surface materials (wow, these rock!!)
  • implemented new round announcer notification sounds ( team rewards in a sexy female voice)
  • players can now pick up money from other dead opponents
  • server settings are now displayed in the welcome screen (friendly fire, FF % value, Spectator mode restrictions, team balancing etc..)
  • server settings are also displayed in the multiplayer browser window, so you can see what values are set
  • altered the way the 1st Person view changes when ducking. If you move whilst ducking, the camera will also bob up and down, just as it does in the 3P mode, so now you actually SEE what the player model should see.
  • implemented a basic death camera, so when you are killed you see yourself fall to the floor, before other spectator rulesets take place
  • we are now using the SystemSettings BUCKET system, which allows us to have pre-configured video settings, from ultra low, low, medium, high and ultra high. These are changable in-game via a drop down button.
  • made our own Water volume
  • implemented our PRI system to store player score, kills/deaths stats and money! So if you leave and re-join during the same map, you will keep your data.
  • moved our in-game CHAT system from Canvas to Scaleform, so we can visually change how it looks and control it's usage better (still WIP!)
  • implemented a bullet whizzing effect, which plays when a bulet is fired within "x" distance from you
  • We are also working on various other characters in the background to keep up a steady pipeline

The team has also spent a lot of time developing our keybinding and option menus, allowing our player base to manually change various video, audio and advanced shading/lighting settings in-game without the need to tweak the config files.

This gives the player an array of choice, with 5 drop down menus ranging from from ultra low to ultra high, assisting the player in selecting pre-configured settings to help the player get started.

Some of the options we have been working on are:
  • Anti Aliasing from 0 to 16
  • Change Gore options (low to ultra high)
  • Bloom
  • Motion Blur
  • Dynamic Shadows
  • Particle Details
  • Max Anisotropy

Alongside the more technical and visual settings we have numerous gameplay options too:
  • Toggle Show FPS
  • Play As Spectator
  • added Auto Weapon Switching option
  • added Auto Reloading Option
  • Toggle "hit indicator" option
  • Change the view bob value
  • Change the weapon position from right to left

Not only that, we have put in a huge effort in the whole development area fixing a lot of gameplay issues, here is just a stripped down list of bugs fixed since Christmas.
  • fixed glock animations
  • fixed desert eagle animations
  • fixed crash using Editor
  • Altered gameplay rules for 1on1 (was causing an issue when someone disconnected)
  • fixed armour button buying, playing sounds to everyone in the server
  • fixed bug where pressing ESC in game caused a wierd sound to play
  • fixed breaking glass not playing the correct sound
  • fixed HUD objective icons not always showing correctly (replication)
  • Footsteps and running sounds drastically changed, so you are not heard from the other side of the map!
  • bots are also given an ingame ID so you can kick, ban and control them.
  • fixed the in-game menu announcer slider not having any affect
  • Setting and changing options in-game now saves them correctly when loading the game the next time
  • fixed bug that when suiciding it would actually remove a KILL and not a Death
  • fixed many accessed none issues

We are already planning to have future custom characters in CPI, which will be implemented further afield during the course of our BETA. Here is one finished in-game render for you to take a sneak preview at.

Sculpted by Diego Teran
Textured by Nakshatra “Naky" Solanki


We are eager to get your mitts on our game and go trigger happy dominating the servers, so keep on waiting - it will be worth it!


All the best
Your Critical Point Team

15 de Dezembro de 2013 - {dTa}aRny

presents you...

Hey Fans

Once again a big thanks to all of you helping us get Greenlit[criticalpointgame.com], we are over the moon, really pleased and we can't wait to return the favour in delivering our game, allowing your itchy fingers to go trigger happy. When the release will be, is still a question mark (when it's done), but we are working our ass's off concentrating on the Beta; here are a few updates on our progress:

Latest developments:

    [li]Admin messages implemented to log kicks & bans, on both the server and clients[/li][li]Implemented our new Hostage skin in game (thanks to Naky and Hamid for this!)[/li][li]Fixed up a horrid bug causing head hit zones not being replicated online[/li][li]Amount of money is now remembered when leaving and rejoining the same map[/li][li]Optimisation and clean up of player movement code[/li][li]Changed code and game play rules for entering a server and team selection[/li][li]Game logic further extended to support spectators switching to live players[/li][li]Implemented 2 variations of hit indicators, inner circles to show direction where you where hit from as well as an outter splatter effect. Both are client side optional and can be turned off.[/li]

We have updated the images here in our gallery, do check them out. In addition we wanted to take this opportunity to show you some sculpts from our newest character artist, Diego. These are still WIP. No textures.

MERC Male Head (Highpoly wip)

SWAT Lieutenant (Lowpoly wip)

Here are some ingame previews of our inner hit indicators made by Xynode:

Hit Indicators (inner circles)

The festive period is approaching so a lot of us will be busy taking a much needed break with family and friends over the next 2 weeks. We hope you all do the same, Christmas is a time to be with loved ones.

Have a wonderful time and continue supporting our project, it will be worth it :)


All the best
Your Critical Point Team

4 de Dezembro de 2013 - {dTa}aRny

Critical Point: Incursion being developed by DominatingStudios has just been Greenlit!


Yes, we made it!

This is just the first part of our journey after many years of development. There is a lot more blood sweat and tears ahead, but this is a great achievement and milestone.

We want to thank every fan and dev member (past and present) that has backed us and continued to support CPi over the last 5 years or so. This game will be released and we hope that being greenlit shows intent from the bigger community and validates your belief in us.

Keep on supporting. Keep on liking and share our great news!

This is a big thank you to every one of you - you are awesome and without your support this would not have been possible. Beta release planned in Q2 or Q3 2014 but subject to change depending on steams requirements and approval process. We will keep you all in the loop.

Other Developments:

In the last months we were very busy working on ironing out several code issues, preventing our alpha testing from continuing. Here are our update changes:
  • fixed several major crashes (blockers) due to open connections and timing out on our main menu
  • implemented fully working in game multiplayer browser, complete with steam server support
  • implemented fully working settings menu for updating all client side options [audio, graphics, input controls etc..] which is using the DLLbind for overwriting saved entries
  • implemented keybinding menu, adding ability to assign binds to more than 1 key
  • implemented crosshair preview, sliders to change RGB values and style
  • new feature: knives and hatchets are now throwable! you can buy 7 of them
  • new feature: when being shot the HUD shows "hit indictators" - this is client side optional and can be turned on and off
  • fixed body armour icon not showing in an online game
  • fixed objective icons displaying incorrectly in game (state changing too quickly)
  • new SCAR-H animations done
  • changed how the game calculations damage done and what to do when someone leaves. Players can reconnect during a live game when no damage has been done by any player, and they are able to rejoin as an alive player.
  • fixed several spectator issues showing artifacts and weird replication problems
  • fixed dead bodies being replicated incorrectly, sometimes showing into new rounds when relevant

Your Critical Point Team



30 de Julho de 2013 - {dTa}aRny

Level fly through – Seclusion

Dear fans,

We have added some new movies to our Greenlight collection, which we wanted to bring to your attention.

All videos are linked to our Youtube channel.

Official Seclusion video, 124,277 views!

Deep in the secluded forest of an American mountain range, is the retreat for one of the military’s most decorated Generals. His lavish mansion, a retirement gift, and testament to his years of service and battles won. In stark contrast to the turmoil of battle, the only thing disrupting the crisp morning air is the sound of birds and loons at the lakeside.

This morning, that calm was shattered by the sounds of gunfire.

Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPhe8-AJFTI

The video was brilliantly captured and edited by our video artist Wayne "MyPetGoldfish" who spent a lot of time doing so. Big thanks go also to our talented and professional Music Composer, "JT Marrin".

Our level designer, Matt Lefevere designed and created this map from scratch with the help of our artists. He made a spin off and separate fly by movie in his own style, which is viewable on his page at:

Music: J.S. Bach, Air on the G String, Academy of St. Martin in the Fields

What to see and learn more about this map?. Then head over to our official site and media page for dedicated beauty screenshots of this amazing level: http://criticalpointgame.com/tamedia/level.html?id=7

We hope you enjoyed this, keep up the wonderful support, voting and sharing.

Best regards,
Your CP:I team

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