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Critical Point : Incursion
Core Principles of CP:i: Hardcore FPS
July 3, 2013 - {dTa}aRny

Core Principles of CP:i: Hardcore FPS

We often get asked, or see comments across various channels – what makes CPi different to the other FPS games out there, with many also comparing us to Counter Strike or COD.

A few months ago we covered the aspects of what makes us fast, arcade and semi-realistic in an official greenlight announcement detailing features. Spinning off from this, we want to discuss our core principles and values.

We had this same discussion on our official forums, where our Project Lead TOP-Proto made a rare appearance; you can view his publically made post here[].

We do not believe we should be branded in the same categories like COD, Battlefield, MOH, Counterstrike etc... Its why when we see comments like "you’r a <insert game> clone" and know these people do not understand CPI, the principles behind it and why this project has so much momentum from the community.

One fan “o SiLV3R o” says: “CSGO in its current State is just not satisfying enough. A huge Part of the scene almost begs for a great tactical FPS right now”.

It is clear, whoever you ask – whether it is a hardcore CS or COD player, there's a dire need for the type of game we are trying to create.

In our view, there’s a very distinct difference between what we call an entertaining FPS and a hardcore FPS. Since the rise of entertaining fps games, the big companies behind them have understood their products flaw is the lack of longevity. They give you enough to keep you going for a year or two and push the next product in your hands soon after, and you’re so desperate for what they do not give you that you snap it up on the hope that it’s the game you wanted it to be. Here the main focus is on graphics, eye candy, storytelling, campaigns – but often not suited to the competitive market; for us what a hardcore FPS should stand for – multiplayer clan, cup and league matches.

Another fan “Th120” mentions: “I play a compelling campaign in 5 hours. The multiplayer is fun, but boring after just two weeks. After one year there is the same game with a new story (*cough* Call Of Duty), I play the eagerly-awaited follow-up sequel of one of my favourite games and they eliminated everything I liked (custom maps/mods, balanced weapons, a unique feeling, lan support) etc.. (BF2 -> BF3)”.

We are obsessed with how the player will interact with other online players, evolving around the game, how it makes them feel – what “kick” they are getting out of this, how this then drives on their playing style and urge to keep them playing.
Most of us on the team are or were competitive gamers ourselves, deriving from the UT instagib days – we know what’s important.

An Alpha test team member “StealthyXIIGer” says: “TacOps (that's how we used to call TO, AoT...even the first version SWAT in the 90's) was the game I played the longest and would still have fun playing if it had a large player base and updated graphics. The commercial/entertainment/big biz games out there are fun for a very short time...if at all, but never gave me the satisfaction in playing a game. I want to come home from work, play a few maps and play wars on the weekends; that is what TO was all about!”

So what are we trying to replicate?

If you have never sat playing a FPS with your adrenaline running high (shakes, sweats) with your eyes going dry from not blinking and staring at a few pixels on the screen, meeting avid gamers like yourself in real life at LANs and tournaments and maintain them as friends (friends that last years and grow together outside of the game), if you have never experienced the thrill... the genuine "OMG THAT WAS AWESOME" feeling just for your one kill or your seriously outnumbered killstreak on low health, or overwhelming odds versus several players at once, or the experience of coming back from a 5 - 0 match down, to come back winning 6-5, having that “goose bump effect and hairs on your back standing up” after pulling off a match winning head shot, in mid-air, whilst doing a 180degree spin. If you have never had a clan depend on you, trusting you to have their back, tensions running high with money at stake…

If you have never had any of that, then you have not played a game that’s reached and engaged with you on a personal level that we are trying to achieve.

Those feelings and emotions are ones you do not often get from playing a multiplayer entertainment FPS. That is how we differ.

Your CP:I team

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