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Critical Point : Incursion
what makes CPi fast? why is CPi semi-realistic?
February 5, 2013 - {dTa}aRny

Dear Community,

We got asked quite a few times, “what makes CPi fast? why is CPi semi-realistic” so I’ll do my best to explain this, what exactly our unique selling points are.

So CPi movement is slightly faster when in comparison to CS, COD & BF3. In CPi our characters run automatically, so there is no sprint button at all. You can say this comes from the UT/ Quake genre.

In addition, what makes it "fast" also comes from the feeling of the game, rather than an actual speed. This is accomplished by having:-

  • no hit penalty (e.g. not slowing down when you are shot)
  • no gimmicks’ affecting your aiming (e.g. jumping around, moving cursor rapidly gives you the same accuracy)
  • the player constantly runs and there is no energy bar/ or stamina.
  • quick reloading and weapon changing allow for fast rapid decision making
  • small to medium sized maps, resulting in quick rounds around 2-3 minutes (reducing the waiting time between rounds when joining or dying)

As you can read, all of the above combined facts result in an arcade (semi realistic) and fast moving game.

Our FOCUS is on the gameplay and the players skill not on:-
  • team mate radars
  • spotting of enemies
  • being blown up by RPGs, C4, Claymores etc..
  • being bombed or mowed down by helicopters/ tanks / jets

What’s amusing is, how many modern and AAA games ship with such features, yet are later stripped down for leagues, cups and LAN parties.

SOOOOOOOO why not make a game focused on pure gaming and aiming which will definitely be attractive for the average gamers and of course our main target group, the competitive players.

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{dTa}aRny Jul 1, 2013 @ 12:31pm 
Yes LAN play will be an option. We have made this game specifically so it can run independently offline, with and without steam/internet connection.
TangoVulture Feb 26, 2013 @ 6:56am 
So LAN play is an option?