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Critical Point : Incursion
2013 - Back active / Update Log
February 4, 2013 - {dTa}aRny

2013 - Back active / Update Log

Dear Community,

So we are back on track - things are moving!
It took a little longer than expected to get out of the winter hibernation, but none the less - we're back! And we will not be defeated.

Some recent changes:
  • Running and Crouch animations have been updated: This was a huge issue in the past and received a lot of feedback.
  • Recoil and aim error changes/ improvements for weapon balancing.
  • Tidied and fixed up the weapon "swapping" and picking up. You can now drop a weapon of the same class (2 different shotguns) and just press "enter" to swap them without having to throw one away then walk over the second.
  • Hostages can now be controlled by swat and merc, all responding individually allowing you to control 1 or multiple hostages at once.
  • all particle impact effects are in game and tweaked, no more nasty bloom for the metal sparks, wood chippings look great and so does the stone breaking off.
  • Changes to the flashbang effect look great and there’s even inner ear sound to boot.. really making you feel blind and deaf!
  • Blood splatter and other environment effects have been tweaked
  • 5 New 3P death and hit animations made (but not coded in game yet)
  • + many more code optimisations for better response times.
  • + a lot of fixes for client/server replication of 3P weapon animations and firing/reloading.

We are pushing for a demo release now in 2013 and personally it is not that far off from being done.
We could certainly do with help from an experienced coder to speed things up, most importantly on the Flash / AS side of things.

Best regards,

Your CPi Team