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A Hat in Time
New City!
2013. január 6. - MeowkuCube!


Here's a sketch of the game's first city! Not entirely done yet, but it's got a ~feel~ going!

Let me know if there's anything you think would be cool to add :D

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9 megjegyzés
Babo 2013. jan. 9., 19:31 
looks great, and the music is awesome. Very charming
Vessol 2013. jan. 6., 21:29 
I can't decide whether I like the art style or music more. Your animations are just as great.

I'd just add more NPCs or a bit of a market on the docks. Sales carts and the such.
polomi 2013. jan. 6., 20:17 
It looks awesome!
Protoss 2013. jan. 6., 18:58 
Will grab this on christmas 2013! Forcing myself to buy less this year, sorry. :-)
gayassbird 2013. jan. 6., 18:16 
Wow. I'm so excited about this game.
おさるモンキー<JPN> 2013. jan. 6., 16:02 
Cute character. However, I get bored with it monotonous behavior. When it entered the sea spray. When water droplets out of the sea. Expression and behavior in the sea. I want more change. I hope meticulously crafted.
MeowkuCube! 2013. jan. 6., 15:35 
Working on it, don't worry :D
meme 2013. jan. 6., 15:32 
Sooo beta? When?
SoulDestroy 2013. jan. 6., 14:43 
"Some science shit"