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7. November 2012 - MattDementous

Paranormal is finally fully released! Paranormal 1.1 contains many bug fixes, as well as a new Game Mode selection. You can pick between Abridged and Unabridged versions of the game before the game begins, giving you the option to pick the full experience or just a quick scare with less buildup. See the changelog below for more details.
Added GameType options: Abridged and Unabridged.
Added a new phone call. More to come in the future.
Fixed many issues with invisible objects.
Fixed some issues with certain endings.
Fixed a few crashes.
Fixed tons of glitches and bugs.
And many many more things you'll have to discover on your own!
PopMatters wrote:
"The most interesting thing about it, though, is that I am this character. I’m motivated to record the ghost for personal reasons and that adds to personal fear Paranormal evokes. I already have undeniable proof of its existence, but I want to see what it’s capable of. I don’t care if it hates me. I want to push it further."

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Meetes Cadestre 17. Nov. 2012 um 13:06 Uhr 
HardiiHardware 17. Nov. 2012 um 6:09 Uhr 
Na Los, veröffentlicht das Game endlich (=
Das Game ist der Hammer, für ein ein Mann Projekt ist das richtig AWSOME! (=
Sebo 14. Nov. 2012 um 12:53 Uhr 
Sehr geil das spiel !!!
Danke Gronkh <3

Sofort gekauft :p
[GER] 8BitMore 14. Nov. 2012 um 12:36 Uhr 
and..... bought
Woodpekah 12. Nov. 2012 um 5:54 Uhr 
Yes, nice game ;) I want to test it, and i will buy it if its available on steam :)
Hope this will be near in future :)
LegendPhoeniX 11. Nov. 2012 um 12:37 Uhr 
Good Luck this Trailer is Fantastic .
This game is awesome I would also like to test
I Hope the game come to steam ;)
TheDarkWhatever 10. Nov. 2012 um 8:54 Uhr 
alright matt! thanks
[BR]Inglorion 8. Nov. 2012 um 14:03 Uhr 
Great job with the game, I hope that come to steam, I'm brazillian and i can't buy from Desure :/
deathmask 8. Nov. 2012 um 5:23 Uhr 
i wish it was on steam becausa i cant buy im desure i live im brazil
MattDementous 7. Nov. 2012 um 20:09 Uhr 
Give it a shot! There's plenty of cool games and mods on there :) If you enjoy Paranormal, try the Half Life 2 mod 'Nightmare House 2'. It's amazing.