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99 Levels To Hell
Gameplay test
17 de febrero de 2013 - Blond666

Yesterday we tested the game out, at my place. A lot of yelling, “frustration breaks” and successes was enjoyed!
We are almost ready to ship, just a few more tweaks and we are there.

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4 comentarios
sleepygame1 26 feb. 2013 a las 19:14 
Lt. KittyFace 25 feb. 2013 a las 7:00 
awesome :D
Blond666 18 feb. 2013 a las 15:04 
SlipSlot 17 feb. 2013 a las 14:19 
Sorry I haven't been keeping up to date with news of this game coming to Steam (but I am excited). Will all Desura owners be receiving a Steam key?