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Steam version... ALMOST THERE!!!
30. januar 2014 - Maks

Hey guys! It has been a while since we got green lit, I`m happy to say that Oniken steam version is DONE!
We`re just making some final adjustments to release next week.
You can check some new screenshots now.

Oniken Steam Version:

-we have achievements!
-some musics have been replaced
-some graphics have been replaced
-we made lots of fixes
-stage 1-2 was redone
-new "hardcore" game mode

Ah yes, and everyone that already has the game on Desura will be able to get a steam copy.
Well, that is it for now, thank you everyone!

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25 kommentarer
(♉ ) Tristetea 15. feb 2014 kl. 7:13 
Gz on making it to steam once again, still would like to know when these keys are being issued on desura's side as its stated on this announcement,.
Suryn 8. feb 2014 kl. 18:13 
I didn't get a steam key. I have already owned this game on Desura, why ?
7Vulcan7 8. feb 2014 kl. 8:55 
No Steam key on my Desura account, why???
sainrub 3. feb 2014 kl. 5:31 
Woo Hoo, ONIKEN!
DarkEvil 2. feb 2014 kl. 21:42 
Finally! Glad you did it and though I beat my Desura copy of the game, I will beat it on Steam too.
Qruz 1. feb 2014 kl. 17:32 
Aí sim!
Estaran 31. jan 2014 kl. 4:57 
Finally! Got the game on Desura and didn't regret it. :)
Azael 31. jan 2014 kl. 1:35 
rocka 31. jan 2014 kl. 1:14 
Whaaat? This has already been greenlit? When did that happen?
☆Merv_Mayhem☆ 30. jan 2014 kl. 22:31