Det här spelet har fått Grönljus från gemenskapen!

Gemenskapen har visat sitt intresse i detta spel. Valve har tagit kontakt med denna utvecklare för att börja gå mot ett släpp på Steam.

The Real Texas
17 april, 2014 - psysal

What the Heck is Mesquite Anyways? It's wood.

Hey Everybody!

Great news for anybody who is (patiently) waiting for The Real Texas to hit Steam, you can pick it up now PWYW as part of this week's Humble Weekly Sale:

>>> Humble Weekly Sale Starting April 17 <<<[]

THERE ARE OTHER COOL GAMES IN THIS BUNDLE! My personal faves are Cryptic Sea EP and KRUNCH, but I hear good stuff about the other ones too :)

Yeah Yeah But Will I Get a Steam Key

Of course! I'm not like, Ciril Sneer (though I do want to deforest the entire earth, but that's a story for another day.)
  • If you buy the bundle, the game will redeem on Steam when it's finally available here.
  • If you bought direct or through another bundle, you'll get a Steam key then, too.
  • If you bought it through FastSpring and want it in your Humble Library, just email me with your original order #

The only way I can see this going horribly, horribly wrong would be if Valve changed their police and was all like, "no you can't just give codes anymore." But the chances of this happening are basically nil, they've never even slightly said they ever even thought about doing that. So yeah! So long as it's in my control, of course you'll get a dang Steam thinguie.

Now, about that Steam Release... :)

So just as a quick update, there's NO ETA for Steam release but it'll happen. I'm heavily into my next project right now which is the main reason this has taken so long, but also I've been working bit by bit on a significant addition to the game for when it hits Steam. So it will still be awhile longer (all the more reason to just grab it now, if you want it!) but when it finally hits Steam there will be something extra and cool for you

Not spoiling it, but it'll be reason enough to go back to the game even if you finished it already.

Thanks for your patience everybody! I'm really just one guy, when Texas got greenlit it was a bit of a surprise but I want to make the Steam release something exciting for you, and not do a halfway job :)

Have a great weekend!

29 augusti, 2013 - psysal

Hey everyone, just a quick note that The Real Texas is now available on the Humble Store. You can get the game here:

My other game, Paradise Perfect (not on Greenlight, quite different from The Real Texas, but a fun game nonetheless), is also available:

As always your Greenlight votes and feedback is sincerely appreciated :) Thanks to the 100 games greenlit the other day, The Real Texas now has a more realistic (but still far-from-certain) chance to make it through. Here's hoping!

On the other hand... why wait for it to show up on steam when you can just get it now?

:) Have a great weekend,


17 april, 2013 - psysal

Just a quick friendly reminder, The Real Texas can be had for almost no money whatsoever in the spring bundle:

Indie Royale Spring Bundle[]

Current minimum is about $5 which also nets you the genuinely beautiful and amazing exploration platformer Knytt Underground, lush R-type-alike SATAZIUS, tower defence-slash-arena battler Monday Night Combat and the experimental autogenerated Metroid-prime-ish (sorta) Gentrieve 2.

In case Texas finds its way on Steam, you will (Valve permitting) get a Steam key for it then.

ALSO: If the bundle reaches 6000 copies sold I will add another type of boat to my boat game (to be released most likely in May; more info

Grab it while there are still pancakes left, cowboy!

12 april, 2013 - psysal

Hey Everyone! This is just to let you know that The Real Texas is PWYW (with about a $5 minimum; it fluctuates a bit) on the latest Indie Royale spring bundle. Get it while it's HOT CHEAP AND SPRINGTIME FLOWERY AWESOME along with 4 other excellent games including nifflas' Knytt Underground:

Indie Royale Spring Bundle[]

This bundle is up until about April 17, 2013. But seriously why wait when you can just get it now?

Also! I'm streaming games from this bundle nightly (except for Saturday night) for the next few nights:

Q: Will I get a Steam Key?

A: If the game is greenlit I will do my best to get Steam Keys from Valve; they seem to have been cool about this in the past but I can't promise something outside my control. But it seems a safe bet that if you buy direct or through the IR bundle, then you will get a Steam key if the game ever finds it's way to Steam.

6 mars, 2013 - psysal

Get it here ( before it's too late![]

In other news, latest review is in and, well I think it's pretty accurate:

"A strange and effortlessly charming game that rewards those who take the time to parse its various idiosyncrasies." - PC Powerplay Magazine (70/100)

Well that about sums it up!

Again, if you like the trailer and it made you curious about the game, then I think you will probably enjoy it a lot. The overall mood of the game is a bit different than what you may expect, but that is a bit hard to appreciate; at any rate I don't want to spoil anything here. If the trailer doesn't seem like your cup of tea, though, then indeed you might want to pass.

Thanks again for your support, happy gaming!


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