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Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars
Greenlit! Holiday Steam Launch!
30. listopadu 2012 - Reverie World Indie

Really exciting news today - Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars was Greenlit by Valve earlier today! After three long months, over 150,000 hits and almost getting Greenlit over a month ago, we have finally made it! We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who voted for us, and especially the countless individuals who helped spread the word and make this possible! And now it`s time for our team to run up some overtime - as we`ll aim to get Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars on Steam with-in two weeks.

Getting on Steam is a huge deal for DoF: KW, our company, and for our players as well! There is no denying that Steam is the largest PC distribution platform, and we expect to increase our sales revenue ten-fold. What that means for the game? We can hire new staff, pay our current staff and continue working on improving and adding new features to DoF: KW - for the years to come!

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Počet komentářů: 23
Gaius Marius 12. pro. 2012 v 11.33 odp. 
OMARTADOR 12. pro. 2012 v 6.11 dop. 
the best game
Astrom 11. pro. 2012 v 10.23 odp. 
This is awesome. Can't wait, just got it for PC.
[Adoria]BlauerBalu 9. pro. 2012 v 3.45 odp. 
Hope many people will join at release :)
HibouDesBois: Starcraft 2 > all 6. pro. 2012 v 7.02 dop. 
Good luck Reverie staff, welcome to steam !
The Indian Mafia 4. pro. 2012 v 11.55 dop. 
Finally :)
WarMaster GoreHowl 4. pro. 2012 v 7.26 dop. 
More Nations for my armies to crush ;)
DWYN 3. pro. 2012 v 11.31 dop. 
InTxD ~ Kitten 1. pro. 2012 v 7.26 odp. 
Renegade 1. pro. 2012 v 3.45 odp. 
Congrats!! I can't wait to start playing and seeing what yall add and develop in the future!