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Smooth Operators
Smooth Operators Released!
24 januari 2013 - andreas

Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos is now released and available for purchase on Desura.

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5 opmerkingen
andreas 2 feb 2013 om 5:31nm 
Jerry Dandrige 1 feb 2013 om 6:24nm 
Whereabouts on your site, if I may ask? I checked and couldn't find any mention of IG vs Desura changes.
andreas 24 jan 2013 om 10:10nm 
The game is very different from the indiegala edition, yes. Check my site, where i have listed most of the changes.
Yes, if it's greenlit.
Zomby 24 jan 2013 om 3:51nm 
Is the game any different from the version we got with IndieGala?
NorthStar 24 jan 2013 om 2:41nm 
If we buy on Desura, can we get a Steam key once it's greenlit here?