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**FLY'N is out!**
9 novembre 2012 - Fly'n

Hello there! Just a quick words to let you know that the game is finally out! Start your journey within the Word-Trees of Helycia right now. Let's see if you can beat us on the leaderboards..... gl hf

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11 commenti
VirgateSpy 21 nov 2012, ore 14:15 
hummm leaderboards =)'
cgngreenbadass007 10 nov 2012, ore 0:08 
Dreaming Butterfly 9 nov 2012, ore 17:25 
Finally! Thank you so much...gonna buy it soon!
KaZe_DaRKWIND 9 nov 2012, ore 16:02 
Volt Rabbit 9 nov 2012, ore 13:21 
Fly'n GET! Looks fantastic, cant wait to play it :3
Grut 9 nov 2012, ore 12:00 
Good job guys !
Kosmonávt Tomaš 9 nov 2012, ore 11:23 
Hooray! ^_^
Smartnik 9 nov 2012, ore 10:58 
DuDE|StanGe 9 nov 2012, ore 10:47 
it´s great to see this game on the steam frontpage. i wish you the best and thx for such a great game :)
skiddlywibble 9 nov 2012, ore 10:46 
It literally just came out. 10% is the usual discount for first releases.