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AfterMath - a post-apoc text-based game
Development Cannot Continue: AfterMath is Apparently Infringing Copyright
April 2, 2014 - JBJblaze

Hello everyone!

We have just been contact with very unfortunate news... apparently AfterMath is infringing the copyright of the game Project Aftermath.

For some time now, I've had plans on renaming AfterMath to At Day's End, but apparently the idea came too late.

I apologize to all who have supported this game, and those who have helped work on it with me! I also apologize for the lack of updating and the hiatus this game has had due to, I admit, a creative block, as well as other endeavors I have been pursuing.

Thank you all for your support! And Late April Fools!
~ VWE Team
Actually only the hiatusing and name-changing parts are still true. I'm also thinking of renaming VirtualWorld Entertainment to BLAZONGAMES or BLAZONMEDIA. What do you guys 'n' gals think?

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Redrumtac Apr 2, 2014 @ 4:35pm 
You got me too !!! I vote Blazongames if your going to focs on games, but use blazonmedia if your wishing to have a wider area of projects
SlipSlot Apr 2, 2014 @ 3:13pm 
You totally got me on the April Fools you son of a bitch! And I like the new name for the game. Ego fueled names for company's never go down well though so I'd personally steer clear of that.