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AfterMath - a post-apoc text-based game
April 1 - JBJblaze

Greetings preppers!

I do apologize for the lack of updates and news on At Day's End/AfterMath's development and release on Steam, but here's our biggest news today!

First off, the game's title is once again being changed to Afterdays, as to keep with the theme of being 'after the days of the apocalypse' and having a one-word title. On the other side of our news, now Afterdays, the text-based post-apocalypse will be releasing on Steam come this year! The release is slated for Q3 2016 and built in Java, rather than originally Batch!

For details on this, please check out our blog article at!

Without further ado, thank you all for your support and patience over the past year in waiting to experience, in text-based form, the horrors of the events of December 21, 2012's Doomsday.

Thank you all once again and safest regards,
~ Afterdays Team
P.S. Sorry, but actually ... APRIL FOOL'S! Have a good one, nonetheless! ;P

April 2, 2015 - JBJblaze

Greetings Preppers!

It is with great regret that I announce the impending doom upon our Greenlight process. Unfortunately, it had come to our attention from Valve that a group of people have taken great offence in regards to the content of At Day's End/AfterMath, on the basis that during several moments of the game, the 'Godly voice' has claimedly offended their religious values. Personally, I'm religious myself, but apparently, that isn't fair enough.

In result of this, it seems the possibility of At Day's End/AfterMath ever reaching the Steam Store is officially nil, as in the next couple of days, Valve will be removing our listing from Greenlight ... now, as for continuing development on the game, that's still be decided and is undetermined ... after all, it's been nearly 3 years of development and we're still in its prototype phase. If we do resume development, we will continue the same story we've planned on ... just if we do a Steam version, we will have to resort to changing the 'voice' to one of many possibilities:

  • 'Allahee voice';
  • 'Buddhappy voice';
  • 'Heil voice'; OR
  • 'April Fools' voice'!

    Well, what does Hatred have to do with us? Eh, nothing but a fun comparison in regards to its temporary fate ... and our fate being one that's made up for a Happy Late April Fool's Day joke!

    In the meantime, thank you all so much for your continued support and hopefully (no guarantees of how soon) we can resume development on the very happenings after Doomsday 2012!

    Safest regards,
    ~ ADE Team

March 4, 2015 - JBJblaze

Greetings Preppers!

Sorry for the usual lack of updates and all towards At Day's End/AfterMath, however, I myself have been busy ... and just not really much has been going forward. Since Day 1—you can find it at —there has been difficulty with getting a Java application to run ... that is, using the command prompt interface. The intent is to allow the game to run standalone (without need of actually going through the command prompt), but still having the interface use the command prompt ... if you're catching this drift.

The other announcement is ... we've changed our name again! We used to BLAZONMEDIA, however, there is a company already going by Blazon Media ... so, basically the same issue with going by VirtualWorld Entertainment. Then, what about TFA Media instead (named after my YouTube channel, where TFA stands for The Flippin' Awesome, minus the '!!!!')? Nope, an oriental company has that name too. Finally, BLAZONCOM or BLAZONNET? I personally see 'COM' as that, through what we do, we communicate our ideas and thoughts to our audience. 'NET' seemed to fit better, though, because all the things done under the name ... it's all like a network. Therefore, in the very end, At Day's End/AfterMath is now officially being worked on and hiatused by BLAZONNET!

Anyhow, thanks so much again for all your patience! We might resume development again tomorrow, or maybe even the 19th, as it's during the March Break ... hopefully!
Please feel free to comment in regards to what you think of this ... or whatever you have to say!

Safest regards,
~ ADE Team

December 17, 2014 - JBJblaze

Greetings Preppers!

Unfortunately, in accordance with our Twitter announcement (@AtDaysEnd2012), we are beginning Day 1 of finally resuming of AfterMath, now At Day's End later than expected, but we will be beginning at 8 PM EST tonight!

This event will be occurring at!

Day 1 is tonight only but will eventually be up at as well.

Thanks for your kind patience and support!
~ ADE Team

December 15, 2014 - JBJblaze

Greetings our fellow Preppers!

The time you may have all been waiting for is coming this Wednesday!

Not only will AfterMath be getting a name change to At Day's End, and be getting rebuilt in Java (as originally planned for post-prototype phase), but there will be the re-beginning of development on At Day's End, and you will be able to catch the action on!

From Wednesday forward, our post-apocalyptic world from 2012 shall carry on into its well-awaited Alpha-phase. After all, it's about time after about 1 year and 4 months!

For the approximate time of the stream, please stay tuned to http:/

Before this closes, apologies be offered for the halt on the progress of formerly-AfterMath's development. During the hiatus, other projects have been pursued and each of us doing our own things ... Hopefully we can all get back together!

Thanks for your amazing support and patience!
~ At Day's End Team

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