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AfterMath - a post-apoc text-based game
May 20 - JBJblaze

Hello everybody!

I am glad to announce that AfterMath (and most likely soon to be At Day's End) is now under BLAZONMEDIA!
After some time I've wanted a more original name than VirtualWorld Entertainment. And, if you do a Google search of that name, there's a company with nearly the same name, just 'Virtual' and 'World' as two words instead of one! Also, I have already other projects under BLAZON'Something', I decided to do the same for this one!

Currently info on the site and other places (incl. here) and Desura, etc. will need updated for these changes, in case of anyone who wonders!

I apologize to those who find this an inconvenience, but in bringing the project out of hiatus, I believe this to be a good start for a new chapter!

Thanks for all of the support!
~ JBJblaze

P.S. New site is now @ BLAZONMEDIA.TK! :D

April 2 - JBJblaze

Hello everyone!

We have just been contact with very unfortunate news... apparently AfterMath is infringing the copyright of the game Project Aftermath.

For some time now, I've had plans on renaming AfterMath to At Day's End, but apparently the idea came too late.

I apologize to all who have supported this game, and those who have helped work on it with me! I also apologize for the lack of updating and the hiatus this game has had due to, I admit, a creative block, as well as other endeavors I have been pursuing.

Thank you all for your support! And Late April Fools!
~ VWE Team
Actually only the hiatusing and name-changing parts are still true. I'm also thinking of renaming VirtualWorld Entertainment to BLAZONGAMES or BLAZONMEDIA. What do you guys 'n' gals think?

January 26 - JBJblaze

Hello everybody,

I've finally gotten quite sick of the lack of pages, etc. that I get for doing up the site with Webs, so now we have a new site with WordPress—which after months of use of its stuff, I've loved it!

So now all that stuff you could on the Webs site, you can now do at! I will also be updating to the new site!

Thanks for the support, and hope y'all had an awesome holiday and January!
~ JBJblaze & The VWE Team

December 3, 2013 - JBJblaze

As of today (which means the update blog was started Dec 13, 2012), the site where you can keep caught up on the changes throughout AfterMath's development (which currently has been unfortunately slow) to date!

You can find the blog at!

As for other news on the development, I have decided to change around the command system as to allow for commands like 'take <item>', 'move <direction>', etc., except for it'll be 'take', and then a prompt of what to take, and then the item. Or the other way around (i.e. item, then do what to it?).

Thanks for the support, and in case we don't wish it upon y'all yet, happy holidays!

August 17, 2013 - JBJblaze

First of all, on behalf of the few developers working on AfterMath, I apologize for the long wait for the next update. We've been very busy with other things this summer, so there's been less time and inspiration/motivation to complete the next build.

Second of all, you may notice that we've changed how we name our builds. 'prototype version'... It just became a little too long! I think part of this came up when I was trying to name the build version on Desura... Too frickin' long! I thought "How about prototype 2.3?"... Nope, missing a 'v'. So, we fixed it up to be 'prototype v.#' instead!

Lastly, with this latest build, Episode 1 is most stable currently, with promised new worded responses (instead of single numbers). Episode 2 and 3 do still have yet conversion to the worded responses--which will come in a later or the next update. More loading effects have also been implemented, and optimized for slower readers!

For the rest, you can find the changelog on, and our game's Desura page at

Thanks for the support!
~The VWE Team

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