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Like this:

Why don't I 'do a kickstarter campaign'?
Because I'd rather do it without. Things aren't always as they seem to be and taking money for unfinished work doesn't feel right to me. I want to make this game happen without pressure - the way it should be. But I still do need your support! In order to get greenlit I need your help to spread the word. Start discussions via your social networks, tell your favorite uTubers, bloggers or just tell a friend who could like it. Thanks!


Ok, pressure keeps on rising as I get closer to my final goals. In order to see how alive this community still is, I thought that I'd start some giveaways, so:

The first 25 to comment on this announcement will get a free copy of the game added to their STEAM account as soon as it gets released !!! (therefore under usual reserve)

And I will be hand picking a few of the best comments to give the BETA a test spin prior to release!

So go ahead and comment! Tell your friends!

Thank you for your support!

Kind regards,

I've been working on integrating some nice shaders and thought I'd show you:

Hope you like it and drop me a comment.


Yey Yey! Recently made tons of updates and am currently finalising the level layouts and adding the cool stuff that I've been hiding for so long. I'm still having quite a bumpy ride but I won't let that get in the way of making this game what I wanted it to be. So that was just another shoutout from my side. Be prepared for some heavy action tripping coming your way soon! And thank you for your support! Stay great!

Some of the obvious changes I've done since the demo was released:

  • Hardware Mouse Added (No more lag in the aim)
  • Pixel Shaders (for some cool FX)
  • Bigger Weapon Projectiles (BooM)
  • Mooor Axion!

If you haven't tried the demo yet then head over to and give it a spin. But keep in mind that is only just a start and the best is yet to come!


November 12, 2013 - .!.oO=Boney-Dog-Lee=Oo.!.

Windows demo available now!

Get a version HERE[]

Looking forward to hearing from you. Please don't break it!

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