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Rot Gut
Free OST if we get Greenlit.
11 novembre 2012 - Rot Gut Dude

If we get Greenlit, we will freely distribute game's awesome OST along the actual game!

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5 commentaires
2can99 28 jan 2014 à 14h08 
looking forward
BLR.Fash1[kk] 3 nov 2013 à 2h36 
Funny game
VladTheImpaler 11 nov 2012 à 12h21 
Looking forward to playing when released.
riiya 11 nov 2012 à 11h59 
If you do get Greenlit, that'll be one day after my birthday. That'd be cool I guess.
Good luck! \o/
AbyssalSoul 11 nov 2012 à 9h15 
I hope you guys get Greenlit because I loved what I saw of the game, especially the OST! :)