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Steam Marines
Steam Marines v0.6.9a is out with Particle Effects, Elevator Zones, and a wee bit of plot dialogue!
December 21, 2012 - apsyse

Hello, everyone!

As usual you can download the newest builds from the official site[] or on the official forums[]. You can also follow me on Twitter if you enjoy programmer-ish ramblings!

Shiny Shiny!

This version of Steam Marines focuses on smoothing common gameplay. A bit of plot has been added to the beginning of new games along with some dialogue banter, and there is now a statistics screen on squad death. It slows down default enemy unit movement speed and actions, making them clearer. Particle effects have been added as visual indicators of what's happening - and also so cluttered GUI can be removed later on!

There is also now a very evident "Elevator Zone" around the elevator to indicate its location and where your squad members can be to activate it. The bouncing arrow is still there, too:

Next build: enemies. More enemies.

And of course the changelog:


New Features

  • Tiles squad members can stand on to activate the elevator are now highlighted.
  • The entire squad must be within 2 tiles of the elevator to descend (down from 4).
  • Added gear explosion effect when robotic units die.
  • Squad weapons now have smoke trails, one for each round fired.
  • Smoke trails have different colors for different weapon prefixes (e.g. Inferno and Frozen).
  • Critical hit and flank text now scroll upward.
  • Critical damage numbers pop a lot harder to make it more obvious a critical hit has occurred.
  • Changed font size/coloring for status effects such as flanking and armor Repair.
  • Added delay between monster actions and Guard Mode firing.
  • Added slow motion on squad member death.
  • Reduced ammunition given by the Ammo Crate item.
  • Added intro screen with lore and background on new game.
  • Enemy units now spawn facing random directions.
  • Added random squad dialogue on new game start.
  • Squad members now announce when they spot new enemies.
  • Added death screen showing statistics.
  • Enemy units now move slower/smoother from tile to tile.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Scout class talent Scoped not always hitting 100% of the time.
  • Closing a door with the squad's last action point can now properly trigger the automatic end of turn.
  • Elevator arrow animation properly spawns on load game.
  • Changed rendering layers so crates, consoles, and dispensers look correct when units are on top of them.
  • Blocked most actions from being taken while the enemy turn is ongoing. Actions that do not interfere such as pausing and going to the main menu or switching squad members or changing zoom level are permitted.
  • Fixed squads spotting unconnected areas after using elevator.
  • Revenants should no longer spawn until unit assets and AI are fully implemented.
  • Enemy units now face in the direction the melee in even if they miss their target.
  • Fixed class/persistence squad preview on main menu screen.

  • Oxygen Tanks and Power Cores removed from drop lists until Power/Oxygen mechanics properly implemented.
  • Changed default screenshot keybind to Print Screen.
  • Game option for font size now toggles between large and small font size for the scrolling event log.
  • The elevator cannot be activated when a squad member is on a door tile. This is unintended and will be fixed in the future.

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Perjoss Dec 25, 2012 @ 9:20am 
at first glance this looks fantastic, gonna have to check it out later!
sergeantbatman Dec 21, 2012 @ 10:47am 
Nice one.