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Steam Marines
October 2, 2013 - apsyse

So close! Aieeeeeeeeeee! Congrats to those who made the cut :)

Errr now #5 xD

September 23, 2013 - apsyse

Just a small update to thank Jesse and Josh for their fine video which has pretty much single handedly pushed Steam Marines up quite a few steps on Greenlight! Thanks, guys! ^_^


The Greenlight - Steam Marines

September 16, 2013 - apsyse

Hi, everyone!

It's been going well since I launched for alpha sale on Humble Widget and Desura about two weeks ago. Thanks to everyone for the support!

The new builds have been submitted to Humble and Desura although it may take a little while for them to show up! The demo builds on the Steam Marines website[] have also been updated to v0.8.2a.

Armory Deck

It's big, it's bad, and robots and aliens have been swarming over it since you woke from cryosleep. That means they're ready for you, marines. There may or may not be higher chances to find laser and plasma weapons here - you'd think the security lockers would have some, wouldn't you?

Bridge Deck

Does the Captain veer toward opulence? Why are there still plastic explosives everywhere?

Some quality of life updates include the marine's class next to his/her name on the bottom left hand corner of the screen, status announcements when cycling weapon attachments, and the auto-target panel mentioning that targets at max weapon range always get hit, and what the active marine's actual max weapon range is.

No more pesky toggling the I key to remember how far each marine can fire. Tile fire indicators were changed to gray to indicate they can be fired through (changed from green which made no sense...)

Let's Die err Play!

Thanks for reading and happy robot hunting!

September 4, 2013 - apsyse

Hello, everybody!

Steam Marines has undergone a lot of changes in the last two months. It's now ready for alpha sale on the official website via the Humble Widget[] or on Desura![]

What is Steam Marines, some of you might be asking? Well...

Squad-Based Tactical Roguelike. Control up to four marines in procedurally generated decks of a steampunk spaceship. Evade or eliminate mechanical and alien invaders. For PC/Mac.

For the older players - what's been cooking? I'm glad you asked!

Crystal Rain

Unfortunately space weather didn't fully make it into this build, but you do get some green Olivine crystal rain as eye candy! Aesthetic only for now! In the future I plan to make space weather randomized with effects that change gameplay - to varying degrees.

Hulk Suits & Flamethrowers

Remember that nasty at the end of the Command Deck? Wear its corpse as armor. Smash your enemies. You can't use your marine weapon while in these suits, but you can flame all units up to two tiles away for a hot amount of fire damage. All with extra health and armor. Groovy.

It's Moving!

What is THAT?!? Cryo tubes can now be found on the ship. You may need to be a higher rank to actually communicate with them, though...

Plasma, for when Lasers just can't get the job done

Enemies get faster and tougher. Plasma weapons may pack a wallop but even they'll need to chip away at enemy armor to really pop the big numbers. Beware enemies touting the same tech!

Double tap? I'll tap all day long!

You no longer have to double tap to fire! Mousing over a unit will show its fire path, including adjacent tiles for melee units and aoe tiles for the Grenadier class. Just mash fire to perforate your targets!

Kaboom knows no bounds

Sappers are a pain to deal with. They'll have a hard time killing your marines, but they'll soften them right up with their grenades. They also explode on death - good for damaging other nearby hostiles, or vaporizing your own squad. Be careful!

Thank You!
I just want to give a great big thanks to each and every person who downloaded and played during the open alpha. Your feedback and encouragement has helped shaped Steam Marines into what it is today, as well as what it will be in the future. Thank you so much!

I hope you'll stay with me and, if you do, good luck and happy robot (and alien) hunting! ^_^

Players with old installs should result keybinds to defaults because
of changes made. Old save games are not compatible – you can load
old saves but probably a lot of stuff is broken. Start a new game!

The full changelog can be found on the forums.[]

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