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Afterfall InSanity Extended Edition
Afterfall: Pearl of the Wasteland oficially revealed
2013. január 16. - majka.corp

Afterfall is back!
Now we will witness the reality 63 years after nuclear holocaust.

After the success of Afterfall: InSanity on Steam Greenlight, Nicolas Games and IntoXicate Studios are proud to announce a new chapter in the history of the Afterfall world. This time we will travel into more 'distant future' –
63 years after Day Zero. And we will do it three times.

What is the Pearl of the Wasteland?
A search of ones own identity, legendary City of Wonders and roots of civilization in the world destroyed by war. Every character in game imagines Pearl as something different; for some it is a lost treasury filled with unimaginable wealth, for others last bastion of humanity where life thrives just like it did before the Day Zero. There is more than a few visions of the Pearl of the Wasteland in the game what evokes in a player a sense of something fugitive, elusive, almost mythical. Pearl of the Wasteland is humanity in times when civilization is but a distant memory. On the barren wastelands where survival is the only thing that matters, the last treasure that almost no one can afford is to remain human.

Three episodes, three heroes, three paths...
Every soul perceives Pearl as something different –we want to present the same story as told by three different heroes with different motivations, experience and desires. Players be able to control three different characters whose paths might cross at certain points. Although they will share a similar goal, the road, just like the Pearlitself, is unique for Reaper, Hope Iriv and Rottgar Iriv.

Every episodewill take around 1,5-2 hours to finish.

Gender: Story Driven Action Shooter
Age Rating : TBD
Platforms: PC - Steam
Release Date; TBA

Key Features:
Mix of action, exploration, saving and protecting other characters from threats
Shooting mechanics based on cover system, realistic weapon behavior and limited ammo to emphasize gravity of the threat in each situation
Recreation of the original Afterfall world setting –environments, characters, weapons, sounds, music etc.
1,5-2 hours of gameplay per Episode
Each Episode with a unique protagonist
Unique gameplay elements in each Episode

Stay tuned –news will show up on our facebook http://www.facebook.com/AfterfallPearlOfTheWasteland

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8 megjegyzés
[DS] godcheese 2013. jan. 19., 2:37 
God I hope this is real, and gets funded, and lives up to all my expectations!
BlueRaja 2013. jan. 16., 18:17 
So it's really oficial?
Balverine (UA) 2013. jan. 16., 15:37 
Again the steam version of the game doesn't include the Russian localization (((
Jerry Dandrige 2013. jan. 16., 15:05 
I'd love to say "Awesome!" -- but sadly my good sense of history and the keen sting I felt after each biting disappointment of another failed "episodic!" game prevents me from doing so. Once all your "episodes" are done and finished and out, THEN I'll be happy and say "Awesome!"
🐧 crow 2013. jan. 16., 13:36 
Solidus 2013. jan. 16., 13:06 
DEXTER 2013. jan. 16., 12:16 
nice =D
LandShark 2013. jan. 16., 8:58 
good job guys