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Anodyne (available now!)
15 de fevereiro de 2013 - Sean Han Tani

Thanks all, again, for your support. If you haven't seen it already there's a promo going on, via . Cheers :)

13 de fevereiro de 2013 - Sean Han Tani

Hey all, just wanted to talk a bit about some interviews and reviews that have went up.

I did an interview with deathwish of the steam Hookups group - watch the interview and check out his channel : - there's also a better coupon available if you check out the Hookups group: .

Jon and I also did an interview with TruePCGaming - it's quite long!

We also got some reviews, here are some highlights:

Paste Magazine:
Edge Online:


12 de fevereiro de 2013 - Sean Han Tani

Just wanted to extend my thanks to everyone who has arrived here in the past few days, be it through the news about TPB, or word of mouth, or videos, etc.! Anodyne's been making progress, and while I think it will still take some huge events to push it very high, progress is progress and that's great! So thanks.


7 de fevereiro de 2013 - Sean Han Tani

Hello Greenlight followers and new followers from this week!

I (Sean) figured out a working way to get people their keys through Fastspring. So if we're greenlit (Hi Valve!!!) the YES you'll be able to play Anodyne on Steam!!!

Hooray! Don't forget that you can use GREENLIGHTSTEAMTIME at our Fastspring store for 15% off!!!

Make sure to tell your friends about our greenlight page. If you watch any youtubers, try to tell them about Anodyne as well - if they make videos, then more people will see Anodyne's Greenlight page, and we will be better on our way to being Greenlit!

I'm a little stressed out from having just patched the game (and releasing) but things are going okay. I think we will be getting a few big reviews soon and a big video so hopefully that helps in the greenlight effort!


-Sean (

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