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Demo Live and Playable on Desura!
November 29, 2012 - The Working Parts

Sorry to keep you waiting, everybody. The technicalities have taken their sweet time (our fault, not Desura's), but at last the Residue demo is out of the bag. It contains a sizable chunk of the game; two of the 13 chapters and some extra goodies here and there. We hope it gives you an idea of what it is we've been trying to do:

The demo consists of two chapters:
The "Adventure Demo" takes place early in the game, and serves as an introduction to the workings of the two more physical playable characters (although you only get to play as Emilio). It gives you a primer in climbing and a first look at our vision of the ship graveyard.

The "Exploration Demo" runs at a slower pace, and has old Jumagul exploring the dark crevices of a stranded drillship laden with flashbacks of the past tragedies that form some of the basis for Residue's story. It's something more akin to a mild horror game experience.

I needn't tell you that we're stoked to finally see our game in the hands of the public. After three years of development I hope your feedback will be just the fuel we need to pull through the final stretch and clean up the rest of the game for release. That won't be long now, either.

Thanks so much for supporting us, guys and gals. And stay in touch!

Hugo Bille, director among the Working Parts