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Laura Ellis has agreed to lend her voice to Contrast!
8 листопада 2012 р. - Compulsion

Hi everyone! As most of you will know, thanks to your efforts, Contrast was Greenlit on October 15. Thank you all so very much for helping us get this far. We're working hard on finishing Contrast, and part of what we're doing is looking at your feedback, and seeing what we can do to make the game even better. Many of you mentioned that you loved the music in our trailer... well, we have some news for you.

We are super excited to announce that Laura Ellis, the amazing jazz singer who donated one of her songs to our teaser trailer, has agreed to lend her voice and talents to the project. As I'm sure you all agree, Laura is awesome, and really captures the feel we're going for. But even better than that, she's going to be singing some new music we have created specifically for Contrast! We're lucky to have her, so please check out more about Laura at http://www.femmefatalemusic.com.

We're still trying to spread the word about Contrast. If you want to help us out some more, we'd love it if you could like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can get in touch with us there, and also at our Greenlight page and our website[www.contrastgame.com].

Cheers ears
Team Compulsion

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Коментарів: 17
Potato Rex 5 гру 2012 о 16:59 
ohhhhhh myyyyy goddddi wanna play it
Adder (Looking for Team) 28 лис 2012 о 7:18 
Really thought out project! It has a very unique personality and feel for what I could tell, It transpires the devotion everyone has put into it. Good Job!
Compulsion 23 лис 2012 о 7:38 
@racer Q1 2013. We're still finalising an exact release date, and will announce the release date either towards the end of this year or the beginning of next :)
cgngreenbadass007 22 лис 2012 о 23:53 
Congrats, when is the game coming out
väsyttää 12 лис 2012 о 8:05 
MrNoobMcSalt 9 лис 2012 о 14:46 
this is probly the first platformer Im excited for, ever. And thats saying something
Vortex51x 9 лис 2012 о 13:22 
Excellant!! The game looks beautiful but the music really set the mood for the time period and the game. i personally would have bought it for the music alone.
BlueDrank 9 лис 2012 о 12:49 
I want to talk to Compulsion games too :C
Compulsion 9 лис 2012 о 11:31 
@Greenman I'm almost certain there's no logical reason for it - it's probably a government conspiracy, like the existence of brussels sprouts. (For more information on how to protect yourself against this dastardly intrusion into your news feed, we suggest reading about the new Greenlight announcement feature.)
TheGreenman 9 лис 2012 о 10:55 
Why does this crap keep posting on my Friend's Activity?