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Ranked #7 Now
30 de Abril de 2014 - realaxis

Currently The game is Ranked 7, I should be excited but feels none. Although the chances of getting selected in the next batch is high but I doubt whether that will happen.

(March) Last month after one batch of 75 games got green lighted, Stained was in top 100, slowly slipped into 99% as the week progressed.

After another batch of 75 it got a desired #50 rank and was hanging around it for last few weeks. I was hoping it will get green lighted in the next batch but to my surprise the next batch of 75 title did not include stained.

So, If you are in three digit or two digit ranks don’t get your hopes too high!

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3 comentários
ameliem354 3 Jun, 2014 às 2:08 
Congrats, waiting for launch :)
realaxis 14 Mai, 2014 às 23:23 
Thanks. We were really looking forward it.
dodgyville 14 Mai, 2014 às 14:16 
Congrats! You finally made it