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Pay What You Want (Or Nothing At All) For the Bleed OST
31. tammikuu, 2013 - BDR

The Bleed soundtrack has been released. You can get it here! [bootdiskrevolution.bandcamp.com] Pay what you want, or nothing at all!

Enjoy the tunes,

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4 kommenttia
captain sexplosion 10. heinä, 2013 10.15 
You know when a composer/developer loves their fans when they do stuff like this
Nijuu 3. maalis, 2013 22.22 
Lovely and quite awesome soundtrack. Which is was a bit longer :)
blizzzilla 31. tammi, 2013 15.51 
Really like the soundtrack. Thank!
Niban 31. tammi, 2013 15.16 
Awesome :D