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Bleed has Launched!!
12 dicembre 2012 - BDR

The game is out! Are you excited? I am!

Get it on Xbox Live Indie Games! []
Get it on GamersGate! []
Get it direct from me! []

I hope you enjoy Bleed!

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24 commenti
DUMMY! 17 giu 2013, ore 21:08 
me too
Kabold Qc :3 3 mag 2013, ore 18:01 
I will buy it RIGHT away when it comes out on steam ;)
MithosFall 26 feb 2013, ore 19:46 
This game is so good. I'm blown away by the demo. Now I just need to buy it!
Sawa963 25 gen 2013, ore 23:38 
When is this coming to Steam? I'll buy it then
Byndrome 25 gen 2013, ore 9:43 
steam plz
pointwert 10 gen 2013, ore 19:06 
Just bought it from his website. It's a blast
Pazz 10 gen 2013, ore 13:10 
coopopolopolis 9 gen 2013, ore 8:57 
Yeah, let's bring this to steam.
Ganon 7 gen 2013, ore 8:37 
Just bought it. I'm so excited:)
Nox_A15 7 gen 2013, ore 0:18 
Just bought it. :) Can't wait to shoot some stuff in slowmo! :D Keep up the great work!