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Bleed Release Date: Dec 12, 2012
28 listopada 2012 - BDR

Shazam! Bleed will release for Xbox Live Indie Games and PC on Dec 12, 2012! For PC, you'll be able to find it on GamersGate, and hopefully, through my own website. Get pumped!

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Komentarzy: 7
AKI 29 listopada 2012 o 18:35 
Holy muffins, can't wait.
nosef 29 listopada 2012 o 8:47 
Oh yeah... about dam time.
cdeale 28 listopada 2012 o 19:29 
NemesisLeon 28 listopada 2012 o 18:32 
omg..... this game... YES!
Volt Rabbit 28 listopada 2012 o 14:35 
Played the demo a few weeks back, seriously fun. can't wait to throw money at it.
mezzy 28 listopada 2012 o 13:36 
I'm lubed up and ready to go. Cant wait.
internisus 28 listopada 2012 o 13:27 
Awesome. I hope you get a lot of Greenlight attention via the press upon release.