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Little Racers STREET
21 de Dezembro de 2012 - WaaghMan

After three weeks being available for free on Desura, we've set the original price back. Now you can get the game for $3.99:

Meanwhile, on Greenlightland, no racing game has ever been accepted yet.

1 de Dezembro de 2012 - WaaghMan

Update: Greenlight game approval bandwith got increased tenfold during the past months and LRS got through!

Ok, so Little Racers STREET will never get Greenlit (due to many reasons: Not popular genre, unknown developer, unknown game, not done through Kickstarter... ), but we know that the game isn't the culprit of this, and we know many of you people had real interest in playing the game.

So, from now on, Little Racers STREET will be available for free on Desura. You will get full access to the game, and check what Steam users won't ever get, because of how Greenlight works.

We had great hope in Greenlight as a tool for unknown indie developers with great games to get to Steam, including this game, which would have allowed us to improve the game even further, with continous updates and additional features. Sadly, that won't just happen.

So, have fun playing the game!

13 de Novembro de 2012 - WaaghMan

During next 2 days, Little Racers STREET will be available for just a little more than $1 on Desura.

All Desura users will get a Steam key for free once the game is Greenlit, so it's a great chance to get the game at a really low price!

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