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19 martie, 2015 - OneMrBean

Hey everyone! Thanks again for your support in greenlighting BasketBelle. I just opened up the Greenlight page for my latest game Choice Chamber. It would mean the stars to me if you could help it as well with a quick YES vote. More info on the game is of course viewable on its page.

Even more info on the game is available at, including the ability to preorder and immediately get the latest Beta version.

Feel free to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, etc. As you know, every vote matters. But no worries if that's not your thing. You can easily share a link to the Greenlight page with:

Thanks a bunch! ♥♥♥

9 decembrie, 2014 - OneMrBean

Hey Folks,

BasketBelle is now out on Steam! It's on sale in celebration of launch, but it's already pretty cheapsies in general, especially since it comes with the soundtrack, art book pdf, and other stuff.

Again, if you already own the game through Desura or somewhere else, we're working to get that all setup. Apparently Desura Steam keys are available to some users, but not everyone can get their key this moment. And if you bought the game directly, you'll have to e-mail me with proof of purchase.

Thanks again for your help getting this game on Steam!


1 decembrie, 2014 - OneMrBean

Everything is lining up for a full Steam release in just 7 or so days! The Steam version of BasketBelle includes Achievements and Trading Cards, on top of the previously mentioned full soundtrack, art book pdf, and featurette access. Thanks again for making this thing happen, even if it was only a click you made over 2 years ago. Woo!

>> BasketBelle on Steam

20 octombrie, 2014 - OneMrBean

After 781 days of patiently waiting in Greenlight, BasketBelle has achieved the thing it came here to do! Thank you to everyone who helped promote it along the way, though 95% of the effort happened on the first day, over 2 years ago.

Although the game is finished, it'll take me a little while to prep it for Steam, which includes making achievements and other goodies. Thanks for your patience! ♥


29 noiembrie, 2012 - OneMrBean

Hi again! The full soundtrack to BasketBelle[] is now available for your listening pleasure on Bandcamp, including bonus tracks! If you're thinking about buying the album, though, you should probably think about buying the game instead, as every purchase of the game comes with the full soundtrack as well as some other goodies, for just a little bit more than the album on its own. It's a pretty good deal if you ask me.

- BasketBelle EP on Bandcamp[]
- Full version of BasketBelle (with EP + more)[]


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