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Yhteisö on osoittanut mielenkiintonsa tätä peliä kohtaan. Valve on ottanut yhteyttä kehittäjiin saadakseen pelille Steam-julkaisun.

Pro Wrestling X
4. maaliskuu - wishnowski

Wow! The best day ever!

We hit our Kickstarter goal after just launching the campaign yesterday THANK YOU and then we find out that we have climbed all the way to the #32 spot here on Greenlight!

I can't thank all of you enough for your kind, patient, and positive support of Pro Wrestling X over all of this time. This project has been easy to poke fun at at times, I made some intensely staggering mistakes y'know, but we just kept pushing on through, never let the bullshit stop anything, and just look at us now.

Thanks to you guys and girls, we are in the perfect beautiful position to make a very cool wrestling game for very cool wrestling gamers.


4. maaliskuu - wishnowski

Thank you SO DAMN much! We've nearly reached our Kickstarter goal in LESS than 24 hours thanks to your incredibly generous support. With barely $800 and less than an hour to go I have promised that if we hit our goal in the first 24 hours I will let our awesome supporters help design a Pro Wrestling X tattoo that I'll film myself getting in celebration of our supporters getting us to our goal.

Can we do it? Gimme a HELL YEAH!!!! Once we get to our goal the next step is GREENLIGHT and I promise we will all be playing PWX on Steam in a matter of months or even just weeks.

You can follow the Kickstarter campaign and watch us hit our goal here:


3. maaliskuu - wishnowski

Dave Wishnowski here and I'm happy to report that Pro Wrestling X is alive and well and back on Kickstarter politely asking for your support for an even BETTER pro wrestling game!

Pro Wrestling X has been through a lot in the last year and I'm thrilled to share our successes with you and the exciting potential of this brand new Kickstarter campaign.

Since our last campaign Pro Wrestling X has:

  • Mac and Linux support as well as PC!
  • All new art and animation! The game now looks like a current gen game with all new smooth and gorgeous animation!
  • All new graphics and rendering engine!
  • We've got all new lead programming and art crew making Pro Wrestling X better than it has ever been!

And the biggest news is that we are well on our way to becoming the first wrestling game ever on STEAM! Thanks to the amazing Steam Greenlight program we currently rank high on the Top 100 list out of over 1600 games vying for distribution on Steam. Any day now!

If you liked the previous campaign enough to graciously put your support behind it you will absolutely LOVE the new campaign after seeing just how much better the game has become!

And if you support our new campaign within the next 64 hours you will be invited to become a part of the voice talent behind the game and lend your voice to the recording of the all new crowd chants in Pro Wrestling X! Be a part of the game for EVER!

PLUS all supporters of this campaign will receive an all new 3 part podcast tentatively titled "The Never Before Told Super Secret Almost Illegal and Barely Believable History of Pro Wrestling X".

So head on over the new campaign page and THANK YOU for your support of our all new VERY low and attainable goal. Because we've already done so much of the hard work over the last year, we no longer need as much money as last campaign. It's so attainable, in fact, that if everyone who backed this first campaign supported the new campaign at even the LOWEST tier we'd still reach our goal on DAY ONE!

Check it out:



-Dave Wishnowski (Producer, Designer, Toilet Scrubber)

19. helmikuu - wishnowski

Thank you so much for your continued voting and sharing of Pro Wrestling X with your friends! If Steam continues to approve games at this pace then we can safely expect to be Greenlit in approximately 30 short days. THANK YOU for your terrific support!

Ready to rumble?



6. helmikuu - wishnowski

As of last night I am very happy to report that your votes have pushed Pro Wrestling X onto the Steam Greenlight top 100 list! THANK YOU! We are currently sitting at a wonderful but precarious #95. That's the highest a wrestling game has ever gotten. THANK YOU! We have to keep the votes coming in and keep climbing, vote by glorious vote. We've got a ton of new content to show you guys, too, so you can see the exciting game you are really voting for.

We launched this campaign with our old Uprising game and since then we've given the entire game and platform and major overhaul. It looks and plays like an entirely new game with real multiplatform support. Our new version of Pro Wrestling X wil be available on Windows PC as well as Mac and Linux. YES! YES! YES!

Please keep your eyes peeled for updates. I guarantee that if you voted YES for PWX: Uprising you will want to vote a thousand times over for the new and improved game. It truly is a game worthy of Steam. It is a solid pro wrestling platform that can grow, expand, and improve in depth and features for as long as Steam is around. And I think we all agree that Steam will be around for a long long time.

THANK YOU for helping us bring to Steam a wrestling game worthy of the platform,

THANK YOU to everyone at Steam for giving this little indie developer something to dream about and for giving us all a shot at achieving that dream through hard work and dedication.

Dave Wishnowski
Producer, Designer, Toilet Scrubber,
Pro Wrestling X

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