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Pro Wrestling X
Play Uprising!
December 13, 2012 - wishnowski

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that we are about to offer you access to play Uprising. It's currently in beta (proof of concept, playable verticel slice, whatever you'd like to call it is fine with us!) and we'd love for you to play it, kick the tires, and tell us exactly which FREE updates you'd like us to offer first. So many people supported us on Kickstarter and after the campaign ended they were like, "Dude! I still want to pledge a little something and help you out!" And I was all like, "Dude! Thank you! This time we'll give you instant access to Uprising in return!"

So stay tuned to and all of our glorious social media accounts for news on the exact moment this new campaign and Uprising access goes live. And most of all, THANK YOU for always wishing us well in our future endeavors ;)

In the meantime, feel free to check out these recent videos that show you exactly what work needs to be done and exactly what state Uprising is currently in. Please share with your friends and invite them to vote for us on Greenlight!


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wishnowski May 15, 2013 @ 11:52am 
Hayabusa THANK YOU for the support and kind words!
Diwrnach May 13, 2013 @ 6:21am 
Brilliant, well done guys, I still have these games on my N64, and also play them on a emulator on my PC, without a doubt the best mechanics in a wrestling game ever, why no one else has ever followed the same path I have no idea, and has always been something I never understood to this day. Shall be buying the preview on your site this week when I transfer some money into my paypal account. Keep up the awesome work.
Black Whitman Apr 3, 2013 @ 5:22am 
other than the defjam games, there is not a real throwback to the best wrestling mechanics ever imo.
wishnowski Jan 29, 2013 @ 9:17am 
Thank you!
Howl Jan 27, 2013 @ 8:36pm 
Well done!, I have been follow this for years. I admire your dedication for it and i hope you will pull it through. Because i would buy it for sure
mAkCoH4Uk Jan 9, 2013 @ 11:50am 
Best Games
iHeartIndie Jan 9, 2013 @ 12:18am 
Yes... yes please. Exactly what i've been hoping for for all of these years...
wishnowski Jan 3, 2013 @ 10:52am 
Thanks, bud! We released an early build of the game just a few weeks ago and already the mod community is doing killer stuff with it. Exactly what I hoped for!
Tyko 3 Jan 2, 2013 @ 1:58pm 
You seem like a nice guy and you are working on something I have been wishing for a long time now. Best of luck! Cant wait to see what you end up with and send you some $$$$
wishnowski Dec 19, 2012 @ 8:15am 
This early version of Uprising we are offering has been in development for almost three years with just one man. But, yes, I have been trying to get something developed for ten years now. Everyone needs a hobby ;)