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Star Sonata 2
April 10, 2014 - Bageese

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re removing the level cap restriction on Free to play players! We’ve been doing a lot of research into Free to play games recently and what works, and what doesn’t. We felt the level cap was an unneeded restriction that ultimately served no real purpose. Since Star Sonata is very skill based and many P2P’s never even hit 2000 the idea of a level restriction seemed very silly.

With that we also wanted to congratulate the existing F2P characters that actually made it to 2000: Stereotyp1, MDK, Sk1rm1sh. Thanks guys for playing!

So to all our free to plays out there, have fun without the level cap!

January 9, 2014 - Bageese

Happy New Years, Star Sonatans! 2013 was a pretty good year for us, and I hope 2014 will be even better.

Within the game, 2013 saw the new Subspace Assault Expansion, with a large new area, alien invasions, and tech 22. We added prospecting, Bindomite, TSL, and transwarping. We restructured Olympus, and improved the galaxy map. We continued to improve the Nexus, and rearranged and improved a lot of the low to mid level content and missions. We’ve continued to optimize and improve both the client and server and increased both the speed and reliability of both.

We did a huge revamp on the website, which now looks and functions way better than the old one, and is much more tightly integrated. We did massive upgrades on the billing system, and improved the whole Space Point system. We added the suggestion list, where we can propose new features that either we come up with or the players propose on the suggestion forum, and players can vote on them to let us know where out priorities should be.

We’ve recently updated the suggestion list so that it will better track what is currently under development and what has been completed. As you can see, the solo wave-based challenges are underway, as are the class based super items that will be the rewards for those instances. Both are coming along really well, especially the super-item rewards that we’ve been working very hard on to help make Star Sonata a little bit more action oriented and increase the cool abilities available to players. These will be major improvements to the game that you guys should see in the early part of 2014.

Completed, and waiting for client and server patches are new extensive high score tables and improved in-game news that will bring all the lasted developer blog posts to the in-game log in screen.

The other major project we are making great progress on is a big class rebalance spearheaded by yclepticon and s_m_w. There have been lots and lots of discussions, maths, and testing going on, and these class balance changes are already in large part on the test server. This is going to give more active and interesting roles to every class and improve the game for everyone across the board.

After the class balance and class super items go in, we plan another big round of suggestions and suggestion voting to help determine the major improvements to bring you during the rest of 2014.

We love working on Star Sonata and constantly improving it. Thank you to everyone who plays Star Sonata who make all of this possible.

January 23, 2013 - Bageese

2013 is shaping up to be a pretty big year for Star Sonata. We just concluded a nearly 4 hour long meeting where we addressed player concerns and issues common to the player base. We’ve planned out a lot of really cool features that you guys get to vote on for what we work on first (or if you even like them at all). There are a few things we discussed that will be automatically implemented without player voting, though I think you’ll like those automatic implementations anyways.

To read more about the voting system, head on over to our blog[]

So what goodies did we discuss? We took the entire game and broke it down into 3 key parts. The brand new player experience, the low-mid level player experience, and the end game experience. When the new system goes into beta, you will have the opportunity to vote on these items to help us prioritize our time. The solutions will also be described in further detail at that time.

Out of all the major concerns the only thing we did not explicitly find a solution to was the player concerns about graphics. We did come up with some UI fixes, and even a new camera proposition. After these have been implemented for a universe, we will reevaluate this issue and see what can be done.

So now that we got the bad news out of the way, let’s get to the goodies! :D The detailed description of these features will come during the voting system beta.

So here’s the list of the new features we’re going to have available for player voting.

Forced, restrictive, interactive tutorial,
Improved Greeter System
Newbie Gear
Visual Equipment Screen option to add into nearly unused ship window.
Item Tiers for Rarity
Item Compare on Mouse Over
Station Tab connected to the Market Check database
Wiki enhancement competition
Build Selector following faction select at game start
Edit Missions to Display objectives at top of mission.
Add & Rebalance existing mid-low level content
Create tools for player submitted content and personal, editable instances on test server.
Make central missions that drive character progression
Mission Bulletin Board that alerts you when new missions are available.
Alternate forms of Experience: Exploration, DG Completion, Trading, etc.
Rework existing squad experience formulas so low level characters do not get penalized for high level characters in their squads.
Restructure Olympus:

  • Mini bosses drop loot
  • Mini boss kills reward a shard dust.
  • Mini bosses would give their own lockout
  • Bosses would give their own lockout.
  • Intro galaxy will be decreased in size, and Hermes moved in.
Simplified Graphical User Interface (Offset center, UI docks for Map and Inventory on the left of screen, similar to C1).
Replace Existing 3D Map with C1 Map

What’s going in ASAP?

We discussed a few things that are immediately going in at the new universe on February 16th.

The first is the Skill Point costs. This has long been an issue for new and old players alike. The skill points were designed so every tech would be used, but unfortunately did not come with content additions like was originally promised. So we’ve re-ran the formulas a few times and came up with a solution to decrease the skill point costs to level up your skills. In Star Sonata 1, it took 322 levels to completely max your basic skills. People would effectively skip huge tech levels and fail to utilize content at their level. When the skill point change came in, it took 590 levels to max your basic skills, and additional content did not come with it to make that transition easier. The solution we’re implementing in February will decrease skills to where basic skills acquisition will take 428 levels, In addition to this many missions across the board will see a dramatic increase in experience rewards.

The second option was a dream turned into reality. In Star Sonata 2, many players were not happy with the 3D perspective camera view, and the speed bump. Jey has been hard at work over the past week creating a camera option in the client. Players will be able to select between a perspective camera (the current camera in C2), and an orthographic camera. The simplest way to describe an orthographic camera is by taking a look at what we already have. Star Sonata 2 has a perspective camera, when I fly around a galaxy and circle around a base, my perspective on that base will change, more specifically it will look different if I am north of the base and right up next to it versus being east of the base and far away from it. In Star Sonata 1 when you flew around the base, that base would look the same no matter where you were at in the galaxy; you never saw it at a different angle and never had a speed bump. We can replicate that C1 effect in 3D by enabling an Orthographic Camera Option in the client. This feature will either be available with the standard client, or as a beta client to download.

What are our plans for the future?

We know, and you know that churning out content is one of SS's major weak points. While we originally had a goal to make new tech levels every 6 months, that naturally didn't happen. We also see that the game as a whole is not where we want it to be and we're going to aim to make it better. We originally planned to launch T22 with the February 16th universe reset, however due to player concerns about T21 we have decided to push it's launch back and fix what we can in existing content.

I'm excited for the improvements to come and I hope you are too. To our existing players, we thank you for sticking with us. Star Sonata is moving forward and we've got some exciting times ahead!

To Steam Greenlight Users:

Thank you for your ever encouraging support in getting us on Steam! Star Sonata 2 is already available for download at

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