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Miasmata Launching November 28th
8 novembre 2012 - IonFx

For those of you who didn't know, we're launching Miasmata on November 28th! We've also put up our second trailer. Thanks! :)

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52 commentaires
IonFx 28 nov 2012 à 10h54 
Very soon! Just a slight delay. :)
IcyDeadPeople 28 nov 2012 à 10h25 
Do you know when it is coming to the Steam store?
outlaw00000 28 nov 2012 à 6h43 
Todays the day when is it being released
HeavyMane 27 nov 2012 à 23h03 
Oh! That's today! I'm gonna keep looking out for it. I want it asap!
Lolex 27 nov 2012 à 10h17 
nice game
Cpt. Grumpy 26 nov 2012 à 17h14 
Looks like a well made indie game! :)
Kal_wardin 24 nov 2012 à 17h44 
Bubblehorn 21 nov 2012 à 22h11 
how much will it be....
Frznflm 15 nov 2012 à 10h16 
Can we pre-order somewhere?
Foxiol 13 nov 2012 à 15h29 
Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!