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Eryi's Action
22. listopadu 2013 - Nyu Media

Here is a situation update for previous purchasers waiting to receive their complementary Steam key.

Keys have been sent to everyone who purchased through the Eryi's Action and Nyu Media homepage - they should have arrived to the email you used when purchasing by now. If you haven't received and email by the end of today, please mail info@nyu-media.com to let us know.

Keys went out today to the following distributors for them to send on to you:

+ Groupees
+ Indie Gala
+ Rice Digital
+ Playism

We don't know when they will deliver the keys, so probably best to give them a few days, then contact them directly to inquire if you haven't heard back (e.g. by mid-next week.)

We're presently waiting for the next batch of keys to be granted by Valve & will send them on to GamersGate and Desura to distribute to purchasers as soon as they coming.

Thanks again for supporting Eryi's Action & hope you enjoy the Steam version!! =)

EDIT: To clarify: anyone who purchased Eryi's Action (regardless of where they purchased it) is eligible for a free Steam key. Sorry, but people who received free copies, e.g. from the Rice Digital giveaway promotion, will not receive a free key. Hopefully you liked the game enough to buy the Steam version!

30. října 2013 - Nyu Media

As of yesterday, Eryi's Action is GREENLIT!

It's been a long journey for little Eryi - we released and put her onto Greenlit immediately after Greenlight was introduced over a year ago, but FINALLY she is set for Steam!

We'll take a bit of time to add Steam-based achievements(!) and trading cards. Luckily, we started on the Steamworks integration way back last year, so it's just a case of picking up where we left off. We expect to get her release-ready within in the next couple of weeks. Please watch here, the Nyu Media blog, forum, Facebook, Twitter, etc. for updates!

For the record, Steam keys will be provided to everyone who purchased prior to Eryi being greenlit (i.e.Oct 30th), yes, that includes people who purchased via bundles.

THANK YOU to everyone one who supported Eryi on Greenlight and made this happen!

10. října 2013 - Nyu Media

Indie Gala's October bundle just when live and features Eryi's Action and a host more Nyu Media games!

Check it OUT:
★ Eryi's Action!
★ Fairy Bloom Freesia + OST!
★ ETHER VAPOR Remaster + OST!
★ RefleX + OST!

+ 9 other games!!!
Move quick and get them all for UBER-cheap from Indie Gala while you can!

All from right here: http://www.indiegala.com

* Oh & please vote for The Tale of ALLTYNEX on Steam Greenlight if you haven't already!
** If you have voted for RefleX, but haven't purchased it, then here's the ideal opportunity to get it!
*** If you already voted for RefleX & bought it, then gift your bundle key to a friend & tell them to vote for it on Steam Greenlight!

Let's get Eryi GREENLIT!![/b]

17. prosince 2012 - Nyu Media

We are very pleased to announce that Eryi's Action is available NOW in the awesome Groupees Build a Greenlight Bundle. This rock solid indie bundle of 9 excellent games runs through December 30th & is well worth your look!

Don't take our word for it! Check out the bundle HERE[groupees.com]!

6. prosince 2012 - Nyu Media

Rice Digital, the West's first Japanese indie game store portal, just launched and as a launch promotion, we're offering the chance to get Eryi's Action for FREE! Check out the link for details!


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