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Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Launching January 30th!
16 gennaio 2014 - PTibz

New Trailer and more information at our blog!

We're so excited!

Young Horses

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39 commenti
Audrew 29 gen 2014, ore 22:52 
It'll be only hours now... only hours until sweet ectasy.
Jeff 25 gen 2014, ore 16:27 
MMM dinner
Patar 23 gen 2014, ore 16:45 
Willhelm 22 gen 2014, ore 7:44 
likee aaa Octoodaaddd Partyyyy :rage::meatytears::beatmeat::dswilson::rufusjoking::rufusjoking:
Aesthetic Birb 21 gen 2014, ore 13:24 
It's time for octo time! :tank::balloonicorn::SocialPolicy::postcardf::csgob::boomer::medicon::health::sticky::KneelingBow::tdealwithit::tcry::spycon::CrossedBlades::Morale::Pappas::Bucco::Antipho::Dossenus::Honored:
Zilveren Vlam 19 gen 2014, ore 4:07 
჻Grip-hearttin' 18 gen 2014, ore 15:42 
Pan Damian 18 gen 2014, ore 8:59 
Tallowhand 18 gen 2014, ore 3:09 
Aussie Legend 18 gen 2014, ore 0:32 
f yes! I'll be picking it up on the PS4 but hope it sells a shite-ton on steam!