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Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Eight Arms to Hold You: The Unlikley Family Behind Octodad (Interview/Feature)
2013. május 7. - PTibz

The team was recently interviewed over at Polygon and I figured it might be something good to share with you guys.


Let us know if you'd like us to keep passing on this sort of stuff or if you'd like us to keep these announcements solely to super important stuff.

Young Horses

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12 megjegyzés
YuvalDaFish 2013. aug. 14., 6:08 
when is it come out?
PTibz 2013. aug. 9., 14:30 
@DiZzZyBhoy: We let Pewdie Pie play the sequel, Dadliest Catch, early because he was a big help in spreading the word about the first Octodad game.

If you'd like to be notified about the release date of Octodad: Dadliest Catch you can sign up for our mailing list {HIVATKOZÁS TÖRÖLVE} .
p0tteN 2013. aug. 9., 14:00 
How did pewds get pre beta?
Dont Read My Name 2013. aug. 4., 2:02 
Download Octodad: Dadliest Catch ?
PTibz 2013. aug. 1., 8:29 
@Tomno33: It isn't a public beta. We're currently on track to release the full game in January though. (If nothing catastrophic happens.)
Tomno33 2013. júl. 31., 20:19 
how do you download the beta someone please tell me
nathan 2013. jún. 18., 9:43 
@PTibz What month?
PTibz 2013. máj. 20., 12:19 
@LemonGamersOfficial: We're working on it! Still on track for the end of this year.
nathan 2013. máj. 20., 10:58 
i wish this game would come out
PTibz 2013. máj. 18., 5:49 
@Knightmare: Yeah. Sorry about the FAQ one. We didn't realize that these posts showed up in your activity feeds at full size.