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Overdriven Reloaded
November 26, 2016 - TOM


What's new with Overdriven Reloaded ?

* During Steam's auntumn sales, Overdriven Reloaded is 40% off !

* Now, there are 5 supported languages :

the game is now available on STEAM for Mac OSX !

* And the first review of Overdriven Reloaded !

Originally posted by co-optimus:
It's got style, it's got variety, it's got a killer rock soundtrack, and it's got four player co-op. Overdriven Reloaded opens up the vertical shmup genre for players of all interests and skill levels to come in and play. Start with a little casual shooting, then switch on nightmare mode and see what you and your friends are made of." Verdict : 4/5 !

And more content soon ! :)

also since the 2.3 Update :

- a demo is now available, let's play a bit for free ;)
- new feature : beat the best : show the global best score or your friends best score below you current score in the game.
- customization feature : choose where you want to see the bosses 's energy bar (top, bottom, right, left)
- add a special button mapping for PS4 controllers and special icons
(in the options menu, choose "PS4 controller", no effect for X360/XB1 controllers).
- Button mapping for DirectInput "standard" controller, now on 6 buttons only.
- Difficulty readjusted for Arcade mode and Manic mode.
- Better health-bar's visibility for players and bosses .
- bugfix for "BOSS RUSH" times, which are now correctly saved.
- Continues bugfix when Terri dies in Arcade or Manic.
- Better visibility for bonuses (contour added).
- add "Stars" Hoover.
- less artifacts are required to unlock stages in Story mode.
- The font used in the Menu and for subtitles has changed :
add French localization, spanish and german (beta , will be improved soon) !
- the default language is the OS language. ( to change it, it's possible from the options Menu).
- Enemies drop a bit more stars now .
- new graphie options : multisampling, vsync.
- general performances improvement.

October 6, 2016 - TOM

Hi all,

The game was finally remade, and the development is now finished.

We're proud to announce it's coming to Steam this week end !

The release date is October the 7th at 6pm (PDT, UTC -7).

you can find the shop page from the greenlight page, or here :

We hope that you will have a good time playing the game.
Thank you all for your support.

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