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Edge of Space
Weekly Live Steam! SOON!
15. joulukuu, 2012 - LordShaggy

Hang out at twitch.com/edgeofspace come if you DARE!!!!

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4 kommenttia
GumpaRock 25. helmi, 2013 18.18 
Woot BALDY LordShaggy... I want to see this ppl Vote us up
LordShaggy 16. joulu, 2012 6.34 
It was a crazy day, so lets just say the R was meant to be there lol
Tatuzka 16. joulu, 2012 1.56 
When is this game going to be released? It looks so awesome! Canno't wait to buy it and try it out! :)
Mr_Distracted 15. joulu, 2012 17.49 
I think you mean http://www.twitch.tv/edgeofspace

Love the stream though, kudos!