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Edge of Space
End of the World Patch 6.0.37
December 14, 2012 - LordShaggy

- New world!
- The world is now clusters into regions.
- World Generation now works on a per region basis.
- World Rendery re-factored to use GPU more efficiently
- Added new 'layer' rendery system allowing for structure tiles.
- Added tile edging, when two tiles of a different type touch a small edge is rendered to blend them together.
- New Networking pipeline for the world that handles a per region basis for clients.
- World Generation now occurs on another thread that is only active when its got a job to do.

- New Placeables
- Placeables now correctly work with all fixture types.
- Placeables are now rendered in a single batch, greatly improving there performance.
- Placeables are now activated by being near them putting the cursor over them and pressing Q. (IE: Doors)
- Placeables are now network sync'd and saved and loaded in there region.
- Placeables can now flipped (Right click while you are placing one).
- Placeables can now be placed on other placeables that are set up to be in world stackable. (tables)
- Tables act like platforms, in that you can walk through them but if you jump up you will stand on them

- Interactions
- User can now place tiles in the FOREGROUND or BACKGROUND. Select tile in Tool Bar and RIGHT click to play in background and LEFT click to place in FOREGROUND.
- User has been given a large number of test schematics to go have fun making and customizing their locations
- Creatures can drop items that are usable
- Back tiles can be busted using the mining tool but RIGHT click instead of LEFT click
- On disconnect can reconnect without restarting client should properly clean to allow reconnect

- FX
- A new sound manager has been added to the game, making it alot easier to setup sounds in the game.
- Most creatures have new sounds put on them but not final
- Beam effects have been tweaked and added to most of the tools of the game.
- Lighting has been optimized
- Ambient occlusion has been added for tiles connected to back tiles
- Items that emit light no longer get strangely shadded

- General Optimizations
- Processing Threads now sleep when they are not needed.
- Tiles now require far less memory reducing the memory footprint of the world over all.
- Batchmode no longer loads any textures.
- Sprites are now rendered in batches.

- Networking Optimizations
- Prediction States of creatures are now better optimized and should move faster even with a high ping.
- World Regions are now compressed before being transmitted.
- If a Region does not get sent, will go into loading screen and freeze/immune/ player until they have loaded the region

- Known Issues
- Offset for placeables stacked on others off. So sometimes they will float a bit over it
- Doors require 1 more tile then they need to be placed
- Doors collision is wider than the door
- Beams continue to show even when a UI is open or over it
- Some creatures have sound sync issues
- Sometimes a creature can get stuck in an animation (rare)
- Sometimes can get into a stuck loading screen (rare)