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Melody's Escape
Melody's Escape is now available on Steam!
26 febbraio 2014 - Loïc

Melody's Escape, the rhythm-runner game powered by your own music library, is now available on Steam!

I want to thank you all again for your support and for having made this Greenlight campaign successful! I hope that you will enjoy the game and come by the official group to give your feedback :)

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23 commenti
Haken Browning 4 mar 2014, ore 9:29 
this looks interesting
danny_x086 28 feb 2014, ore 12:21 
Nice :)
Shepherd of Fire 28 feb 2014, ore 11:37 
OMGGM yesh!
Captain Hadduck 28 feb 2014, ore 11:22 
Fuck These Stupid Ass Contracts 27 feb 2014, ore 23:34 
Yay! :tlove:
JRainbowfist 27 feb 2014, ore 18:15 
I've been waiting for this forever! :devilskiss:
Niitou 27 feb 2014, ore 7:27 
Bought it right away and it really IS a great game ;)
LadeeApocalypse™ 27 feb 2014, ore 3:21 
Yayyyy. So glad, thank you so much!
LordNikonX 26 feb 2014, ore 21:56 
*bought* XD