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Melody's Escape
Live-stream tonight of Melody's Escape!
2014. január 11. - Loïc

Melody's Escape is part of the IndieDev SuperShow and will be livestreamed today at 8pm EST!
I will be talking about the game over Skype, so join us tonight if you wanna learn more about it and ask me questions in the chat![www.twitch.tv]

Oh, and the game will be released in Early Access pretty soon ;)

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11 megjegyzés
Pomf 2014. jan. 12., 3:56 
Hehe, I JUST finished watching it and currently typing up a new thread in discussions, but thanks for checking back!
Loïc 2014. jan. 12., 3:53 
Yep! Here's the VoD: http://www.twitch.tv/robotloveskitty/b/494537078?t=80m00s (it will probably only be available for a couple days though)
Pomf 2014. jan. 12., 1:03 
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKK i forgot about this.... is the stream saved anywhere? or on youtube?
Hero_withNoName 2014. jan. 11., 20:43 
nugget lmao 2014. jan. 11., 17:43 
yay, and really good to hear about early access coming soon!
Niitou 2014. jan. 11., 12:12 
I´m looking forward to it
Neutral Star 2014. jan. 11., 10:43 
Great, almost wanted to message you on Steam to ask how is it going =)
Dennis el Azul 2014. jan. 11., 9:58 
Good luck! :)
Mosquito Señorito 2014. jan. 11., 9:51 
Early Access :/
TomTheTwix🐤 2014. jan. 11., 9:49 
Been waiting awhile to see this, can't wait!